A butts-on review of Boing Boing's favorite bargain bidet

…or like trying to forget that simile.

If you have hemmorhoids, or are dating a French person, this cheap bidet is butts-down the fav for cleaning some Boing Boing hiney.

As a (half) French person dating an American, I am amused and curious about the meaning here.


I am altering the deal.,[quote=“orenwolf, post:21, topic:101619”]
I am now tempted to crowdfund a full-featured Japanese deluxe toilet seat with Bidet for Jason just for the review of each feature…

quoting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toilets_in_Japan

The plain word for toilet is benjo (便所?, place of convenience or place of excrement), from the word ben (便?) meaning “convenience” or “excrement”, and this word is fairly common.[5]

That’s an … interesting… word to have around. I shall never look at convenient labour saving devices in quite the same way again.

Way ahead of you…looks like Brondell’s already made this happen.

Said it last time, will say it again: bidets and squat toilets give you hope for humanity.

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Ok, I LITERALLY just installed mine 30 minutes ago, and tried it for the first time. I was expecting shock and awfully chilly sensations in areas I prefer not to speak of, but it was actually no big deal. Granted, it’s 90 degrees outside at the moment, but I don’t see how that’s relevant.


It still requires an outlet behind the toilet, which is not common – i would have no way to plug it in.

Which one did you get? I just got the one reviewed to “dip my toe in the water” (eww), but I really want one with a dryer. This one is the one I’ve been thinking of getting.

just sitting on the can, vaping, and listening to a how to code bundle through my headphones via my lifetime vpn…

Living the #BoingBoingLife


I laughed, I cried. Best review on Broadway this season!


I thought the water came from the water line going INTO the toilet tank, which, in the case of my Dad’s place, hangs under the house, outside the insulation, in 10 below zero weather.

That damn water NEVER gets warm.



I got this one: iZen Smart Seat; CAN$399 from Amazon.ca. Very pleased.

That was exactly what came to my mind!


Mmhh… Don’t use cold water for hemorrhoids. While it gives some pain relief on the short term, the vasoconstriction will worsen your condition.

Don’t know about effect on French significant others, but while bidet is a French term I would say that it is far more common in Italy than in France

I’d like to pleasure you with a welsh comedian stand on ‘the diarrhoea’s’ but it just cannot be found must be one of those internet black-holes


(plus more than four more characters because a minimum of nine is required. insert eye-roling gif)

With too high of a pressure, it sounds like "Mutiny on the Booty."
It really gave Jason "the bum’s rush."
A gush for the tush?
New product names:
Patootie Pal

(and I haven’t even had my Java yet.)
I’m here all week, Boingers.


My Samsung-brand (yes, they make bidets) electronic washlet has a “Powerful” setting that lives up to the name. Useful for REALLY clearing out the pipes.