A 'Cad Bane' short story has me pre-ordering this Star Wars book

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Clone wars really was full of some wonderful, and wonderfully developed characters. That’s true of Rebels as well, but I think the Clone Wars stories resonated more directly with me because of the direct tie-ins to the main story arc in ways that it didn’t with Rebels - with one huge obvious exception, of course!


Cad Bane was cool. I remember I got his action figure somewhere.

I really wish they would have done the story where he tangled with Boba Fett… They showed the CGI rough scenes for the scene with voices and it was good, IMO.


Always thought his name was somewhat lazy; like calling him “Bad Mean” or something. It sounds like a Star Wars name, but having both parts be English words for something bad was a bit too obvious. (Yeah, I know, post-original trilogy SW not being known for its subtlety, I’m not a fan of the names Grievous, Sidious or Dooku, but adding Cad Bane to the pile doesn’t help.)

Such a Cad, that Bane.


If they’re not careful…



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What kind of cat is that?

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