A Calvinist and Hobbesian Look at Trump


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/07/a-calvinist-and-hobbesian-look.html

Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH little President Donald and his imaginary publicist John learn some very troubling things about Obama!


I have a bad feeling we aren’t even close to the punchline yet.


fear truth is stranger than fiction



The urine jars are pure genius.


Not until I’ve finished the set!

¡No hasta que haya terminado el set!

لا حتى انتهيت مجموعة!


Teu nepi ka kuring geus réngsé set teh!

Только когда я закончу набор!


I like how things get more insane with each strip.


The fact that the older Trump becomes piles of money when adults show up … meaning that Trump is talking to his money … is a very nice subtle stroke.


And in the comic, too!

I like how Miller is actually a pile of money. Those little touches of authenticity…


This is one of his best lately.

You have to laugh. Otherwise you are crying because it’s all true


[quote=“Shuck, post:9, topic:96508”]I like how Miller is actually a pile of money. Those little touches of authenticity…[/quote]Dang, I didn’t even notice that. I was thinking it could use some more elaborately absurd fantasy, but the obvious rejoinder is that the elaborately-absurd-meter pegged some time ago.

Has much been heard from John Miller lately, or has Trump et al. at least had the good sense to drop that pretense?


And yet again, I’m forced to wonder: how did the right not see this coming? Has trump ever said, “I’m sorry, I’m wrong on this issue?” and then worked to undo his error? No. He rationalizes his mistake, redirects to other topics, and blames other people for his faults or, better, makes up ludicrous stories to cover for himself. Senior Chief Petty Officer Owens, trump’s taxes, his shitty lockdown EO 1 & 2–every time, instead of stepping back and saying, “HFS I really jacked that up”, Americans get some variation of “it’s someone else’s fault–not mine”.

I’m NOT looking forward to the larger political/social/military fuckup due to trump’s incapacity for governance, but I am fully expecting the same, “It’s not my fault” nonsense. 3-5 million hidden voters? Devil Obama machinating grand “deep state” conspiracies behind trump’s back? HRC’s emails? How many times do we have to hear this for the Congress to finally say enough is enough?

Oh, wait, he’s a white male. Forgot that, sorry. Please carry on.


I think someone should get a leak to one of the shows that Trump watches that Martian war machines have landed in Grovers Mill, NJ, without visas.


Money seems to be Trump’s "Rosebud."
I think Trump’s alter egos are no longer necessary because he’s got real people (for some value of “real”) around him willing to take on that role, and Twitter lets him vent his ego with the pretense of a middle man.

The double standard is so obvious, in so many ways. For example, witness Trump’s angry tweets about Obama’s vacations, golfing and the expense of it. Yet at current rates, Trump will soon have spent more time and money out of the White House, golfing, than Obama did in 8 years. But Obama was a “lazy black man” and Trump is a hard working guy, all evidence to the contrary…




It would seem that the Google Translate AI is still not fit for purpose.


Mars isn’t on the country list and green isn’t one of the forbidden people colours, so where’s the problem? Importing arms into the United States without bribing a few politicians?


Nicht bevor ich das Set fertig habe!


Das Land der Elefanten


It has all the best words!