A Capitol insurrectionists felony conviction comes with a mere 8 months in prison

Oh yes indeed. The cases I’m most keenly interested in are the Oathkeepers conspiracy cases. A LOT of those jackasses came from Central Florida (wholly unsurprising to me - I live here) and one of them (Harrelson) is from right down the road.

I want those traitors to rot in jail for all eternity.

If “8 months in jail guy” can give any info that helps that effort, in exchange for a more lenient sentence…cool.


One of those scumbags got Vegan food, so this tracks with the “law & order” QGOP bullshit.

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Yeah he got off lightly… the rest of us have to worry about this nutjob and others like him that have yet to strike…

Where is the “Get tough on Crime” mantra that government is always pushing, for this type of crimes?


My favorite factoid about the Oath Keepers is the story of how their founder Steward Rhodes ended up with that eyepatch.



I learned something new today.


What’s this story? I can’t find anything about it…

It’s amazing that the party of “if you don’t agree with us, you’re a traitor” turns out to be the party of traitors. Oh no, wait, it wasn’t amazing, it was projection. Again.

Wow, that’s pretty fucking on-brand…

There were actually a few such situations, e.g.:

What the article doesn’t mention is that group of people facing the possibility of life in prison included people who showed up after to help clean things up.
Police and prosecutors were throwing everything they could at protesters - conspiracy charges, gang enhancements (because different people used the same expressions, therefore were part of a gang…). It’s not clear how it’s all going to shake out yet, and there might not be any jail time at all, but they’re going after them like they committed serious crimes.

“This is the highest-degree felony. This is usually reserved for murders and rapists,” said attorney Brent Huff


Maybe learn to read the room, eh?

Perfect. He can be friends with this guy:


Yeah, that’s fucked up.

Lets not forget that the woman in question “…yelled at and shifted her weight as if to slam into police during the demonstration” though.

Jesus H Christ. Hopefully the cases are tossed out.


Nonviolent crime (which this guy is being charged with, not even pleaded down to) should never have a 20 year sentence, and charging everyone 20 years certainly isn’t a path to reform.

Hmm, could that be part of the systemic inequity?

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There’s ‘serious’, and then there’s serious.

Since this was a ‘serious’ sentence, it guarantees a ‘next time’.

Were those judges all appointed by You Know Who, or what?
I hope the Fascists were all Cooperating With Prosecutors, etc, hence the easy terms.
Otherwise, 8/13 is gonna be an interesting day.


Those protestors in Utah all had their charges reduced because it was ridiculous. It was never going to stand up in court but when officials are lawyers that care more about appearances to voters than the job they have that happens. It’s also ridiculous to have vandalism be up to a 5 year sentence when properly charged in this case.

But this crime had a maximum sentence of 18 months period, and this guy plead guilty to the charges he faced formally apologized and everything immediately. It wasn’t exactly a ringleader here.

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The systemic inequality is that drug charges are designed from inception to imprison black people, this was not anyone close to a ringleader just a useful idiot type.

Even in comparison to BLM, the system racism is in things like the amount of arrests given the day of and the people breaking into the capital having police support getting past barriers. BLM charges have been dismissed by the thousands and most cases are getting lenient sentencing.

Neither is disingenuous strawman arguments.
He was sentenced to 8 months; there are in fact lengths of time between 8 months and 20 years.
As should be damn obvious, my referencing someone else’s 20 year sentence for “crimes” that hurt no one was not an argument for a blanket 20 years for everyone rule, but an example of the gross inequities of the system.

If we want to live in a country where people don’t attempt to violently overthrow the government, we should take attempts to do so seriously


Not only is it not a strawman to point out the solution to overcharging non-violent offenses is not overcharging all non-violent offenses, you are literally taking the stance of the cruelty being the point in a discussion about judicial reform. I’m not going to cheer for jobs being done because that’s the literal lowest bar possible to achieve, but I’m not going condemn this result either.

Misrepresenting my post to imply that I was arguing for a 20 year sentence in this case or claiming I said we “should overcharge all non-violent offenses” just so you could argue against that rather than reality is abso-fucking-lutely a strawman.

As is characterizing “If we want to live in a country where people don’t attempt to violently overthrow the government, we should take attempts to do so seriously” as about inflicting cruelty.

ETA: and again, insurrection is not “non-violent”


Meanwhile, people serving 20 year sentences for nonviolent drug offenses.


Something like this is what you should be expecting for the rank-and-file morons, who didn’t assault the Capitol police, didn’t loot the place, didn’t try to kidnap members of the Congress or hang Pence, etc. The people who did any of that will be seeing much harsher sentences.

This particular gentleman didn’t personally commit any violence, cooperated with DoJ and was smart enough to accept a plea bargain. The “cooperated with DoJ” is the important part; it encourages small-bit idiots like this to flip, if they have anything on other, more recalcitrant rioters.

Also, eight months in prison is not a joke, and he’s stuck with a felony conviction, which is going to limit his choices for the rest of his life.


Meanwhile, a woman I’m writing to in prison has been there for half a decade on a nonviolent drug charge. Apparently daring to use drugs that are already legal in some states was more serious than attempting to overthrow the fucking government. One guess what color her skin is.