A company is offering proof of vaccination with a 'Covid passport' for $19.95

It feels like a lot of the replies are missing the point of this and it’s a horrible plan.

Everybody got something that tells them all about being vaccinated and that they can use to manage their own health. The card being sold isn’t for that all.

The entire point of this card is based on the assumption that some activities will only be allowed with proof. That people with proof will get special treatment and not be required to follow the same mitigation steps as others. This is a horrible plan.

An id or proof of something used like this needs a system that takes into account the value/risk of what’s being granted, who will be doing the validation of the id, and who issues the ID.

A passport used for international travel (value/risk) is issued by a federal government (single issuer per country) and validated by a federal government employee. With lots of complexity to avoid fakes.

A driver’s license issued by 50 states, when used to validate buying alcohol by hundreds of different vendors is susceptible to fakes. People aren’t familiar with all of them, some vendors simply don’t allow out of state to avoid the issue. The value/risk here is that someone gets alcohol when they’re a few years to young.

All those cards people get are not useful for random identification. Fakes would be widespread depending on the value or having one. Combined with the risk of a person using a fake creating a super spreader event.

People already lie all the time on the existing COVID questionnaires asked at some places, like airlines. It would be so much worse with the added value/risk here.


That’s alright, the chip in the vaccine will tell the government where you are.

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