A confused school in Miami bans students for 30 days if they receive a Covid shot

Sometimes I just want to go up to some of these folks and ask them if I can just watch them for a while. They really are like stumbling across something that goes against the laws of nature. There’s a kind of awe that kids have when they encounter something amazing for the first, see their first waterfall, their first view from a mountaintop, whatever. Its remarkable, like the two headed goat at the county fair. I get that kind of feeling when I read about these people. They just stand out as something that shouldn’t exist. I don’t suppose they would appreciate being viewed as freaks but what else is it? Maybe I could get their autograph and a picture without mentioning the freak part. However I don’t want that kind of freak teaching kids. Just not a healthy thing is it?


“…we ask that you hold off until the Summer when there will be time for the potential transmission or shedding onto others to decrease.”

In a just world based on reality whoever wrote this would be fired immediately.


“…if you are considering the vaccine for your Centner Academy student(s), we ask that you hold off until the Summer when there will be time for the potential transmission or shedding onto others to decrease.”

LOL - vaccines aren’t cats, shedding into the air. Jesus Christ, the stupid, it burns.


It’s Florida what do you expect? And, really, almost certainly Florida MAN.

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That’s the benefit of this school’s vaccination policy - your kids avoid getting indoctrinated with all sorts of nonsensical bullshit for a month.


NO. It’s Florida.


Still trying to eradicate from the medulla oblongata the BS they taught us in the way back, I won’t give up!


It should come as no surprise that the couple gave $1 million to the Trump Victory Fund last year. They made their money from a highway tolls company. Wife runs the ‘school’.


I don’t know your acquaintance, but I hazard he’s taking a break from “I don’t want to sound racial/racist, but…”

I know what high school you went to means very little in the US, but stories like this make me think it should. I would not be confident that any student of this school has any degree of critical thinking or problem solving skills.

The Centner Academy

No, I think they’re just confused.

For example, their actual name was originally supposed to be The Academy Center.

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It costs 30k a year to send kids to this place. They’re not going to grow up hurting for a job.

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They should get vaccinated and then sue the school for the right to attend under the “no discrimination on account of vaccination status” bullshit DeSantis has been pushing.


If I were a parent sending my kid there [Narrator: she would never be…] I would then demand a tuition reimbursement. At 30k/year, being forced to miss 20+ school days is no laughing matter. It’s over 10% of the normal US school year, I think (accounting for weekends).


Scientology did that, leaving old stroked-out Hubbard to die in an RV bus to preserve the ideal of L. Ron Hubbard the Founder.

We can hope.



“Shedding” is just another antivax Worship Word. It’s not supposed to mean anything.

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I’m guessing that “creation science” is on the curriculum.

Don’t know him well. He lives in a liberal enclave of a major city, many POC among his FB friends. Has a special needs kid, as do I, a lot of people in the community, out of concern for the kids, are polarized around healthcare, not necessarily in an evidence based way. Very reminiscent of friend who was gung-ho on Bernie Sanders in 2016, then when he dropped out, went gung-ho for Jill Stein, but seemed to spend all day posting memes more against Clinton than anything pro-Stein or pro-environmental or against Trump. Similarity is they both seemed to have fallen into a meme-driven internet rabbit hole with well defined villains (HRC and the DNC for one, Biden and Fauci for the other). The prevailing viewpoint expressed is snark against those villains.

Gotta get that DWI training in there somehow.

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