A Disturbing In-Flight Experience

Thought this might be of interest given the airline news of late:


I thought — incorrectly, as it turned out — that the passenger (let’s call him Calm Man) was an air marshal or a cop; he had that air about him and way of moving and standing and talking

I bet he was a Dev manager.


No privilege to see here people. Move along. Move along.


What privilege? A black or brown person would have gotten the exact same treatment.

AHAHAHA just kidding :laughing: We’d be hearing about this winner’s jaywalking ticket from 1994 on all the major news outlets if he were any kind of minority.

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Thanks @orenwolf. I haven’t always agreed with Ken’s POV on everything, but he’s one of the good guys putting himself and his time out there to fight the good fight.

A frequent traveler to put it mildly, I’ve never been a fan of the airlines. It’s a deeply rotten industry that turns a modern miracle that should be amazing into a hellish ordeal. But they’ve gotten increasingly worse in the past couple of years and the downward slide shows scant signs of reversing.

As a minor aside, I’m encouraged to see a real martial artist like Calm Man standing up. I’ve practiced martial arts all my life and it’s helped me get through a lot including clinical depression. While I’m not opposed to mixed martial arts in principle, a lot of roided-out MMA assholes have been dragging martial arts as a whole through the mud these past ten or fifteen years, and we need more positive examples of what traditional martial arts is truly about.


Yes. Almost every black belt I have known (and every single one of my teachers) always emphasized control, as in being able to control yourself. It was drilled into us that it was about responsibility, not bragging rights. Plus, if you are confident in your own ability to defend yourself, it’s a lot easier not to get scared and panicky.

I don’t think I ever saw a bully promoted to black (or even brown, for that matter); those behaviours were drilled out long before that.


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