A dog who caused $350k in damage tearing up a car dealership is up for adoption

Originally published at: the fate of two dogs who caused around $350k in damage - Boing Boing

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They were obviously after the Cat-a-lick-it Converters.


Was the dog named “Rover”?


Man, I guess they make cars to crumple and break apart to disperse energy in a wreck, but it is pretty funny how a medium sized dog can really fuck that much shit up.

Also, they say they are out $100-350K - that is quite a large range in price and for 5 cars. Seems like BS. Is that the total prices of the car?. Sure, you may have to market it down some, but you can get parts to replace the trim that was ripped off and then make a discount, like you would for hail damage.

They don’t want to report it to insurance, probably because of the high deductible and possibility of it going up, but that is why you have insurance, so…


Having this dog sleep in the garage is out of the question.


Dogs chase cars globally, it’s easier if they stay still.


They may not consider the loss large enough to be worth making a claim, which could totally be the case. For a car dealer that may not actually be a huge amount relative to how much inventory they have on the lot?

I wonder if the issue with repairing stuff is that they might not be able to then sell the cars as new? Which would mean even if they’re in like-new condition they’d be worth a whole lot less? Or maybe there’s some quirk of their agreement with the OEMs they buy from? In some cases dealers don’t technically own the cars on the lot, too, so that could complicate things?

The valuation probably ranges from “amount we paid plus reasonable markup” to “amount we can extract from buyer when we handle the financing”

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