A former InfoWars employee describes Alex Jones' bizarre and dangerous behavior

I mean, cool, but this tells me nothing about the depth of Alex Jones’ sickness that I wouldn’t know from listening to his show for one minute.

This says almost nothing good about Josh Owens. Ever since he went on the air, Jones has always been a lying, hyper-bully, racist, xenophobic grifter. Owens had to know exactly who he was working for the day he started, yet he took the job, further enabling that piece of shit in his efforts to poison the country.

Kids, if your career path takes you to a place like this, leave as soon as you recognize how foul your employer is. Leave before it damages you. If you’re working there because you’re hungry, you’re better off at a food shelf for a few months than you are spending another day enabling a toxic monster bent on the destruction of others.

And if the monster threatens you with his delusional, self-important rage swearing “if you quit I’ll see to it you never work in this industry again!”, don’t be afraid to call his bluff. Leaving a dishonorable job might get you on his blacklist, but that’s OK. You also don’t want to work for anyone who respects his filthy opinions.

Life is too precious to waste it working for unethical people.


Who had the other dick? I guess it has been awhile and I don’t remember. Or maybe Keanu was the only one worth remembering.

ETA - oh wait - it’s Jones. Jones is the second dick…

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Yeah, American bison are pretty foul tempered and aggressive, which is a major reason they aren’t raised as livestock more. And drugging then murdering an animal as sport definitely seems to be within his “ethical” spectrum.


It seems like both are true. He cynically fabricates stories he knows to be untrue (thereby hurting the people mentioned in those stories), but he’s also generally an unhinged lunatic.


That was back in the days when Jones seemed like a relatively harmless kook (at least at first glance), kind of like the “Coast to Coast AM” crowd. Jon Ronson has written about how he now finds the man he once snuck into Bohemian Grove with downright terrifying.


This just in: F*cking awful human scumbag is, in fact, a f8cking awful human scumbag.

I have to say, when I saw “bizarre and dangerous “ in the headline, I expected something on the order of the vodka story, or just generally being a dickhead. I did not at all expect “shooting a rifle at someone as a joke.”

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