A frustrating look inside the White House's utter failure at coronavirus testing, led by Jared Kushner

From the VF article:

[By July 18] news reports revealed that the Trump administration was trying to block any new funding for testing and contact tracing in the new coronavirus relief package being hammered out in Congress. As one member of the Rockefeller coalition said of the administration’s response, “We’re dealing with a schizophrenic organization. Who the hell knows what’s going on? It’s just insanity.”


Incident #5,443 of Trump Administration. Which if there had been just one such incident, would have caused mass Congressional hearings and could/would lead to [another] Impeachment. But, because it’s just one of 5,443 things they’ve done, gets classified as “Thursday”, and we move on.


“The political folks believed that because it was going to be relegated to Democratic states, that they could blame those governors, and that would be an effective political strategy,”

How’d that work out for these geniuses? All the red states are leading in infection rates and deaths now, and their Governers who fought to follow trump’s lead all look like murderers.


I would say “the Republicans are trying to make anything left of 1980’s Right is a Communist bogeyman”. So glad I don’t live there and so worried for those that do.


The perfect storm: an incompetent and corrupt administration, with a loud segment of the populace who would rather believe conspiracy theories than science, and a hostile foreign government who is providing and promoting conspiracy theories.

If this doesn’t ultimately destroy the Republican party then there is no hope left.

But who is Trump anyway? From what we know he has always been winging it-- guessing his way through school, hiring someone to take his tests and write his papers, bragging about what a great businessman he is while going bankrupt over and over, if not for the fact that he got millions from his dad he would be destitute now (an old boss of mine once joked “you can pour water into a sieve, you just have to pour it in fast enough!”)

He never wanted this job, he just wanted the title of president, like having a diploma without actually going to school. So when a real serious challenge came up he fell back on the only strategy he’s ever known: talking big and hoping it would all just turn out OK.


And still not enough tests to test everyone as often as we should be.


Let‘s put it this way: in this specific case their malice prevented them from demonstrating their incompetence. Because they would have failed anyway, Kushner is an idiot, and he would definitely have ruined that operation.


45 has made several statements during his time in office to make it clear he didn’t represent people who didn’t support him/vote for him. That’s not how the office is supposed to work, but he’s never cared about that. People who show they are on his side are treated as deserving of attention, assistance, and support. The rest (described as people who don’t like him) are nothing but targets for scorn and name-calling at best, or destruction at worst.


It seems that incompetence is highly contagious in this White House infestation.

Also, that viral outbreaks start in urban areas but then spread? Leaving aside the outright malevolence at play, the stupidity has no bounds.

Yeah, this basically comes down to political genocide.

Oh, it was both. Enormous quantities of both.

And if all these people don’t end up going to jail, there’s no justice.

Not just that he didn’t represent us, but that he was hostile to, and actively trying to harm us. Over and over again, he’s hinted at/outright stated/demonstrated that he felt that way.




Doesn’t this open Kushner up for literally 100,000 charges of negligent manslaughter?

I mean, seriously.


Yeah, I’m just splitting the finest of hairs here: it never struck me as an “at worst” scenario so much as him explicitly framing it as us being the enemy of “his” government. Punishment was always an upfront part of it.


That’s what makes the Covid timing so unfortunate, he was thiiis close to solving it.


Remind me to laugh whenever someone says the term “fiscal conservative”.


I’m sure he considers it a success. Him and his friends griftted billions in Federal Contracts in no bid awards. They even got rid of the inspector generals.

So if you die of COVID-19 in a blue state, that was the direct intention.
And if you die in a red state, you’re collateral damage.
I can’t see how this is not first-degree murder.
Or indeed, given the scale, a crime against humanity.


It’s the Blue States that subsidize the red states. Little Mr. Jared needs to understand basic economics.


You mean “anything Left of ur-fascism”

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Yet another shithole country.