A future historian discovers the Insurrection of 1/6/21

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The anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa pogrom in the Black community of Greenwood is a timely reminder that, when enabled, authoritarians and hatemongers can and will erase major incidents from history for years if not decades.

That today’s crop of right-wing extremists* will fail in their attempt to erase or distort what happened on 6 January, 2021 should not be a foregone conclusion amongst those of us in the reality-based community. Do not get complacent or dismiss this as too ridiculous to work. These fascists mean business.

[* let’s stop calling them “conservatives” – h/t @milliefink ]


No consequences for the traitors of 1/6 means that the stage is set for yet another go. trump, Cruz, Hawley, MTG and others are free to incite the next wave.

See Mike Flynn:

Traitors gonna traitor.

The insurrection that succeeds will not be forgotten.


The Jetsons would be a great thing to dress up as for halloween.


And Fucker is making dog whistle noises.


Even the military, which would be the one’s to carry out such a coup, is telling Michael Flynn to fuck right off



Far-future costumes indeed!


I actually saw people writing that it was inappropriate to bring up the incident yesterday since it was Memorial Day.

Even on the 100th Anniversary of the massacre people were crying “this isn’t the time!”


This is what counts today as a dog whistle. In years past, it would have been counted as insurrection or high treason. This shit is being normalized at a frightening pace, and it may be only a matter of time when “overthrowing democracy and instituting authoritarian rule” is seen as just another political position. It is not.


I wouldn’t discount willful ignorance on that front.

Tulsa was part of my Junior High School and High School history curriculums in the 90’s, including the standardized tests. TV documentaries were in circulation at the time. References were there, circulating in pop culture.

Part of the reason for the current reckoning with the subject is just how well documented Tulsa was.


Consider how few folks remember Philly cops bombing and burning out MOVE in their own city for similar reasons. It can be very easy to erase something that the dominant culture does not want to remember.


I’m afraid we might have already crossed that rubicon…


It’s funny because it’s true! (Sob)

As someone put it, an attempted coup with no consequences is just practice.


Even if he’s not really serious, the same useful idiots will think he is.


It’s Trump - someone said it, so it’s part of his reality now, as it assuages his ego. However serious he was to begin with, as time goes by the idea will more firmly cement itself into his brain. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in August. (Probably a series of outbursts followed by the construction of a new ego-assuaging reality.)

It made me wonder if he’s actually making plans to move back into the White House, but then I remembered he didn’t make plans ahead of time for becoming president when he actually did win the election, so…


Not exactly impossible to believe. There was a big slave rebellion in the 1860s in Natchez, Mississippi, that was so thoroughly covered up it was basically lost to history until its rediscovery in the 1980s. It’s an incredible story.



Gotta say there’s a great future ahead of us thanks to the GOP — without the support of the establishment media and the party base would be impossible. Mass exploitation and impoverishment from an extractive economy, unaffordable healthcare, debt slavery, state-endorsed racism and so on and so forth.
Not saying that future is assuredly happening nor that it can’t be stopped. But preventing it would take a lot of work by we the people, probably far more than reasonably expected. Too, the media doesn’t care and the Democrat leadership rather be an echo of the GOP than an alternative. (What Biden’s doing now cannot yet be seen as anything but an anomaly.)
And all this has been going on for decades in open enough sight. On the other, so has been a state not really caring about serving the people or the good of the nation.

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One would think a couple of military-style aerial bombings of American cities would be the kind of thing that made it into more history books, but that tells you a lot about who was put in charge of writing the history books.


came here to say how the two people in the comic look like George Jetson and Mr Spacely


The thing about the Second Creek Slave Rebellion and the Tulsa Race Massacre are that they happened before Mass Media became a thing, I’m sure there may have been a blurb in local papers at the time though. The MOVE bombing in Philadelphia and the January 6, 2021 Insurrection were things that occurred in plain sight of all Americans (Well at least all Americans that had TVs). It’s hard to sweep something under the rug when everyone saw what happened with their own eyes.

That being said I loved the twist in the last panel.