A gay guy and his mom go to a brothel, and have a good time


“That is the most Americans sentence you’ll read all day”

Damn! It’s so easy to forget what a weird place I come from. I guess If it weren’t so easy to forget, we’d all want to try to be less unusual.

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If I owned that “sleeps 12” bed from the Asian Room, my wife would still end up with all the space and all the covers.


Places like are what give me a bit of hope when it comes to sex being less taboo in the US. I’m generally of the mind that prostitution is never going away - the biological desire for sex is something incredibly powerful. By forcing sex workers to be illegal it removes the ability for them to be protected by society and ‘otherizes’ them, not to mention the terrible society of pimps that pops up in places like that.

From what I’ve heard, most legal brothels tend to be much better for the workers and the staff. The women aren’t worried about being beaten or murdered, the clientele appreciate a much nicer environment, and everyone’s happy. I’m happily married now but when I was single and busy, I would have appreciated having a place to go find some temporary physical intimacy.


“President Eisenhower celebrates 40th wedding anniversary. Not pictured: Mrs. Eisenhower.”

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In my case, it would be the cats…


I have a king sized bed and my cat still sleeps on my face. (And I spoon with the dog).


This headline is going to make the Huffing BoingBoing thread a whole lotta fun.


No. The most American sentence is the one that contains “differential reverence”. Deferential not being a part of the American vocabulary.


$40/day for room and board, and the house gets half the gross? That hardly seems fair. One or the other, maybe.

For some reason I’m picturing a cigar rather than a cigarette.


I picture a long old-fashioned ebony cigarette holder.

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The phrase “differential reverence” reflects the American worship of all things automotive,


You thought that too? I did consider working it in, but couldn’t think of anything efficient. Vonnegutian American stereotyping further compounded.


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