A giant, novelty on/off switch...with a tiny, functional on/off switch

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It doesn’t look like any on/off switch I’ve ever seen, especially given that “OFF” is above “ON.”


A friend of mine from graduate school designed and sold these for a while. Similar concept, better form factor IMHO. Not sure if they are still available anywhere.

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Yea, but what turns on the smaller switch. And the one after that… And the one after that…

It’s on/off switches all the way down.


I want to add a mercury tilt switch SO BAD.


And seems off aligns with on in the macro light. Oh beautiful intersection of high and low design!

The description mentions a gravity sensor, and the reviews back this up saying you can turn it on and off by tilting it in the desired direction (it has a shallow v-shaped base). So it does function like you would expect.

I believe the small switch is just a hard power off, to turn it off completely when you aren’t going to be using it. (And on the Amazon link, that version is a three way switch between bright, dim, and hard off).


What is this, an on/off switch for giants?
It needs to be at least three times smaller!


Photo needs a banana :banana: for scale :smiley:

(I imagined “giant” to be about the size of a footstool/ottoman and thought it was a floor lamp…Amazon tells me it’s a “bedside night light”—one customer’s photo there shows her someone’s hand with it, and it looks to be about the size of my eyeglasses case…so…it’s maybe only “super” or even just “jumbo” :wink: )

Edited because I made an assumption concerning gender. I had intended to correct my mistake before I posted, but realized later that I hadn’t done so. My assumption was based on the customer’s name, the face shown in their avatar, the look of the hand in their photo of the lamp, and the fact that they had said “when I was a little girl” in their review…but even so, I don’t actually know.

It is “giant” for somebody with really tiny hands…

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I think the small switch was for the illumination of the big “rocker switch”.

Also let’s discuss why this is a “for her” product.

It’s funny, I was thinking just yesterday—when we were cleaning out my mother’s house, I ran across the sippy-cup that my sibs and I had each used as kids. I would have sworn it was a regular-sized cup, but it was really small! I had no idea it was that tiny.

(It may partly have to do with increased portion sizes, too, and how we’re accustomed to bigger everything now…because, we had continued to use the sippy-cup, as a sugar-shaker as we grew up, so it’s not like I hadn’t seen or handled it at all since I was a toddler. But now I’m so used to drinking out of a 10-ounce mug for everyday use.)

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