Kickstarting a lamp controlled by a lovely set of magnetic balls on strings


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One day we will all be makers, hand crafting beautiful goods for our betters, the last job the robots will let us do. Let's see you make a light switch out of magnets and bits of wood, Colossus.


Playing with balls to turn something on? Ok.



Cute for about 2 seconds and then annoying, do not want.


I foresee my cats coming along behind me turning off the lamp :smiley_cat:


Ironically, these appear to be mass-produc(ed/able), and so quite likely have quite a bit of automation involved in the process already.



"This new way of interaction brings joy to our monotonous life"?

I hope that phrase lost something in translation; because it sure isn't making me feel any fuzzier about the product.


Its definitely a clever idea, maybe more conversation piece or ambiance setting. The price does seem a little on the light side though? Do you think they will be able to produce it for that price?



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