A GOP Senator kindly gave trucker protestors a tour of the Capitol

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Yep it’s now “vote democratic or you’ll never be able to vote again.”

Fucked up but true.


Since 6 January we’ve known that the call is coming from inside the House (and the Senate).





About a week and a half ago, I was driving west on the PA turnpike from Harrisburg to Altoona, and saw the convoy on the opposite side headed east. The sheer size of it was astounding, moving at 70 miles and hour and in opposite directions it took over 30 minutes before I had gotten by them. There were hundreds of semitrucks, pick ups, campers, cars, and even motorcycles, and it seemed every one had at least one oversized American, Don’t Tread On Me, MAGA, Trump 2020, or similar flag, and many had several. All along the route at access roads and on the shoulders were hundreds more people, cheering them on. It was just this side of terrifying.


We all know this has ZILCH to do with mandates or anything else related to covid. It’s about plotting the overthrow of a democratically-elected president, and making sure the next insurrection succeeds. Tractor-trailers will be deployed like tanks the next time around. I am sick to fucking death of the complicit elected officials NOT being hauled before judges and detained as domestic terrorists.


FYI, the same asshat who suggests legislation be introduced to require Biden be compelled to take yearly cognitive tests. :man_shrugging:


I would be fine with cognitive tests as long as they were also mandatory for House members, Senate members and the Judiciary. I think most of them are nutz.


Don’t just give them cognitive tests. Give them something like the AP United States Government and Politics exam. If you’re part of the government passing an exam about what the government is and does ought to be a piece of cake!


Yes, this. I mean one can be a very coherent individual and still be so information- and fact-deprived that they look like a fool…like MTG and Boebert.


As far as I can tell, they have generally had a negligible impact on traffic on the beltway. Normally about a quarter million use the beltway each day, so a thousand or so extra, even trucks, is nbd. There are generally three to five lanes, so they haven’t been able to block too much. I have not heard people complaining about them. It hasn’t been close to as bad as a day when it snows (like it did this Saturday morning, boggling traffic and normally Saturday traffic is much less.), and it’s been less problematic than when there’s football game. They gummed up traffic in bits on the day they went into DC proper, but the outer beltway itself has largely been unaffected. Most people have GPS going, as accidents and blockages are common.


Agreed. This is escalating, which is just what these enablers want. When the folks used as pawns* act out, the manipulators scurry back into the shadows and claim they had nothing to do with it. I’m still hoping enough pols and power brokers will be brought down by the Jan. 6th committee to put fear into those who slip through the net. The ones who escape legal consequences should be targeted for removal from positions of power ASAP. Until then, we’ll continue to see more cases like this (IMO multiple media outlets have also been complicit by broadcasting hateful rhetoric blaming women, BIPOC, AAPI, and/or Democrats in general for all problems):

*I wonder how much court reporting these truckers are watching, given the number and outcome of cases resulting from Jan 6. Do they not know or care about the consequences they will face? Or is part of the delusion that they’ll be pardoned after restoring their idol to power?


That, and Voigt-Kampf


If we don’t get Dems out to vote we are SCREWED. The repubs are playing the long, long game and they’re about to score. I’ll be fairly fine, I live in CA., but I’m terrified for women and children all over this country. The hope is that these very old white men will start kicking off, and that young people coming up to vote will use the right far and wide.


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