A gorgeous wooden ergonomic keyboard you can actually buy

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“YOU’RE Keyboardio!”

“No YOU’RE Keyboardio!”


looks a lot like the ergodox design, just with a wood case?

i really want a splt keyboard. i see interesting one off builds on ebay from time to time. everything, including this wooden one, is in the same 200-300 dollar range…

hard to justify given my collection of cheapo keyboards in the basement which seem to multiply by themselves whenever im not looking

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I’ve been using their model 1 for a few years now – it’s a lovely keyboard. I’d been semi-touch-typing on an MS natural keyboard for decades, but the KeyboardIO forced me to learn it properly and probably increased my speed by a few tens of percent while eliminating the sub-RSI aches and pains I had. The mechanical switches are a joy to type on.

Recently got an Atreus, their minimalist small version, for when I’m on the move – still getting used to it, but it seems solid.

My model 100 is on order… the walnut finish looks so much nicer to me than the pale maple, which was the only finish available for the model 1.


Until ten minutes ago I was happy with my Kinesis Ergo keyboard.





I’d still prefer some kind of Ergodox variant, I think. There’s several companies that make wood or bamboo cases for those, with wrist rests that look more comfortable. And the Dactyl Manuform has a sci fi cool factor to it.

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