A great video that explains home plumbing drainage

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“Big Slug O’ Water” is going to be my pirate themed folk Spinal Tap cover band. Called it!


This hat of mine is about to pay for itself! Hurray!!

I wish I saw this a month ago. Great explanation

I used to watch this show with my dad all the time. Always fascinating.

When I did plumber’s helper work I was taught that “A pipe is always full. It’s full of either water or air.” If you think of pipes full of air it helps to visualize the important role of venting in plumbing. I’m sure we would not be where we are today as a civilization without plumbing and sanitation. Other useful mottos from the trades:

For roofers: "Think like a raindrop."
For painters (and crayon users): "All one way not like hay."
For electricians: “Electricity flows like water - it has to have someplace to go”

Read this excellent Hunter S. Thompson piece about electricity for a jolt of fine writing:



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