A hardcore metal Seinfeld band called Grindfeld exists

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Charming and delightful vocals. Looking forward to the George Costanza answering machine cover.

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There are still Seinfeld fans? They should start a petition to get him on Hollywood Squares!

They can tour with those smooth Ned Flanders-inspired crooners Okilly Dokilly.


For some really excellent Seinfeld themed music, check out the “Mixtape about Nothing”, “More About Nothing” and the “Album About Nothing” from DC area rapper Wale. The mixtapes use clips from the show; for the album, Jerry actually came to the studio and hung out and talked about life and relationships.


Can’t stand the Death Metal but, bought a t-shirt for the irony. :wink:


Ah, it’s precisely the kind of metal i do not enjoy. I appreciate the concept but the sound is not for me.


Heavy metal is my favorite genre, and I’m a big fan of Seinfeld. I will def check dis out.

Not a big grind fan myself, if you like stoner rock better you should search out the excellent song “Festivus” by a band called Mr. Plow.

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