A heartwarming story about a comic clerk who helped a "baby gay" teen customer come out through Supergirl comics

Or straight people can see LGBTQ characters in normal situations/media and slowly help make the world a place where sexual preference and gender identity are non-issues.


Yes, and when it happens the rest of us can point and laugh because they lost. It’s very significant to me that this happened in Indiana which, until recently, had one of the most openly bigoted governors in the country. Even in Indiana there are caring, compassionate people a young person who’s struggling can turn to. And no matter how some people try to spin this they still won’t be able to block out the positive message.


Young kids’ worlds are so much smaller, so any problems they have can have a potential to really consume their minds. Not just kids that are dealing with their sexuality, but having problems at home, or bullying, what have you.
It’s definitely heart breaking hearing stories of teens feeling like they will never be happy, loved, or that there’s not a place for them in the world. They can’t know that because their experiences are so limited.
This is why it’s so important to reach out when the opportunity presents itself.


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