A heartwarming story about a comic clerk who helped a "baby gay" teen customer come out through Supergirl comics

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Great story! Still hate twitter for things like this…


I’ll have to read the story in a few once i’m on my lunch break. But this is definitely heartwarming, I have not had the need to help out someone struggling with their sexuality but i have had conversations with friends/acquaintances that were struggling with mental health and gave them some advice that i think helped a lot.
I’ve also been on the receiving end of people taking the time to help me through some personal crisis that affected my life in a huge way, and their acts of kindness i can never repay. It’s the main driver why i like to pay it forward whenever i can.


On the Supergirl show, when Alex realized she was gay, my first thought was “Okay, that’s cool.” The whole coming out thing was handled very well IMHO and didn’t affect me in watching the show. My first thought when heard and read about the people freaking out about the story line and vowing to never watch the show again was “Grow the fuck up!”.

Glad this clerk was able to help someone hurting. Makes her more of a Christian than any right winger.


I hope that girl has family, or at least someone at home, as caring and supportive, but if she doesn’t at least there’s one place–and one person–she can turn to.


While I am not gay, I certainly had some social awkwardness and shaming growing up. Ironically, it was my cooler than shit comic shop guy who made me feel like a normal person and we are friends to this day.


When you think about it, it’s kind of weird that same-sex relationships in the DC Universe are still more controversial than inter-species relationships.


I dunno, DC has done a really admirable job of putting forward LGBT characters for quite some time (i think the late 80’s?). Granted i’m sure it may have been ploys to increase readership, but if non-straight people can look to comic book characters and see themselves in those pages in some way then i think it’s wonderful.
In a perfect world sexual preference and gender identity should be a non-issue and not a defining trait for a person.


Alright, i finally had a free moment to read the tweets detailing the story. And i’m definitely not crying.


Yes, it’s also raining on my face, indoors. At least I assume so, I can’t really tell with all the crying I’m doing.


Is the .gif related to the story?

I guess I mean “mainstream society still finds those same-sex relationships more controversial than the inter-species relationships.” Happily this seems to be changing though.


I enjoy Supergirl (the TV Series), but in the back of my my mind, I’m wondering how the writers will deal with a drumpf presidency.

I mean, it really is, quintessentially , a mainstream liberal show. Supergirl battles against Xenophobia. Half the major characters are part of the “mainstream media”. Major characters are queer. It’s feminist.

Now, maybe it’s not a radical show, but it certainly seems much closer to the Clintonian ideal than the alternative.

On second thought. Never mind. They’ve got this.



Of course not. It’s from the teevee show that shares the same name as the comic.

Alex Danvers and Maggie Sawyer share an intimate moment.


I wouldnt’ve known. I don’t watch Supergirl, so the gif was as much of a mystery to me as well.

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Perhaps I should point out that in this Television Universe, Alex Danvers is the adoptive sister of Supergirl (and a major character in her own right)

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What I get for my teevee-lacking ways.

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You know this will be spun as some bullshit grooming/child-predator bullshit by the christian right?