A Howler Monkey howling




Would be good to use in movie sound design work. Probably already has been.




He’s very cute.


Caution: operating pet requires ear plugs.


Weird, that’s how monkeys purr?


That’s not really what I’d call a “howl,” although I’m at a loss for words to describe what sound it actually is? Suggestions?


Saitsfied, he permitted a clean spending bill reach the House floor.


Youtube doesn’t convey just how loud they can be.

When my wife and I honeymooned in northern Guatemala, we were woken at dawn by a chorus of howlers in the trees surrounding our little villa. It’s a rather terrifying sound to wake up to.


I remember them barking just over our heads while wandering about Tikal: in the evening light the barks sounded exactly the way you’d expect an angry jaguar to roar.


Extended grunt?


Iiiiiiii LIKE IT!


I remember hearing their guttural cries echoing through the jungle in the early morning fog from atop a Mayan ruin. It made me feel like one of those soon-to-killed dudes on Skull Island from King Kong.


A ringer for your next frat party!


Now that’s a weapons-grade beer belch! :smiley:


I want her job.

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