Turns out Koalas make weird sounds when they're pissed off


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Watched first video - Smile. Remember kid who made that same noise in elementary school. Consider adopting it as my own weird noise when people touch me.

Watched second video - waited for the payoff. Koala on Koala violence was horrifying. Eyes grew wider and wider as that weird sound turned into nightmare fuel. Waited in horror for the camera to pan over… to whatever godwaful misshapen green nghtmare woke from inside that Koala.

If they found that video in a forest, ala Blair Witch… covered in so much blood I would not be the least bit surprised.


We keep telling them how closely related koalas are to drop-bears, but no-one listens until it’s too late. :frowning:


I always figured koalas were always too stoned to get that mad.

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I was just hoping both pandas would turn on the really really annoying guy with the camera phone. Omygodomygodomygodomygod!!!

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Koalas are disgusting, and unfriendly creatures. They are either asleep or very pissed off.

I also make weird sounds when I’m pissed off. Roughly transliterated, they sound like ˈfək ˈyü.


The first time I heard this I was in the forest at night. I could barely summon the courage to put my cigarette out and go back inside. When I finally got up the nerve and went back in, the Aussies were laughing their asses off at the look on my face.


Star Wars needs to use this. Ben Burtt, are you listening?

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You should hear them having sex1

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I thought Bill Hicks had returned.

Everything adorable, fluffy & wide-eyed in Australia makes truly blood-curdling noises when defending territory or trying to get laid. Brush-tail possums living in the tree outside my window scarred my childhood. Their vocalisations range between “velociraptor attack” and “actual human infant shrieking in pain”. And they’re all pretty strictly nocturnal, so yay for nighttime camping soundtracks of skin-crawling horror.


My friend makes noises like that in his sleep. Like, all night. I had to share a room with him for a weekend once. Never again.

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I was gonna say, ever heard an angry primate?!?


SWEET MOTHER MCCREE! It was all cute and amusing until, halfway through the second one, it turned into a black-metal vocal riff!

San Francisco Zoo has a bunch of lemurs. Once in a while they get into an argument, and you can hear loud roaring and screaming for a long ways.

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