A Kentucky jailer up for reelection was secretly recorded using the N-word in racist, sexist phone call


I’ve got a horribly racist Uncle who wrote a letter trying to stop my parent’s marriage, then always treated my sister and I like shit (being the shame of the family of course), but when an otherwise awesome caucasian woman fell for and whipped my loser cousin into shape, and they had little Hapa kids (like my sister and I), all of a sudden everything was fantastic (not between my Uncle and I, but luckily his irrational racism doesn’t seem to carry over to his grandkids at least).


White supremacy is “a helluva drug,” apparently…


The amazing thing is that this is on my Japanese side…

But Japanese racism is not always brought to the light, and is about as strong as white supremacy.

Everyone else in the family loved/loves my Dad (even if he’s white), and thought my sister and I were really great. My Uncle wanted to stick with the “Honorable eldest daughter has shamed the proud Samurai family bullshit”.

Funny thing is that in my generation, only one of the cousins married someone else who was Japanese.

My Daughter is 1/4th, but all of her generation in my “Japanese” family are 1/2 with the exception of two kids.


Ah, my bad for assuming.


No worries. The kind of funny thing is now that he’s the oldest surviving member of the family, he thinks he’s the wise elder or something like that, while everyone else just thinks he’s a pain in the ass.

The rest of the family has been happily working towards “Heinz 57” racial makeup.


The Simpsons’ O Ascendimus Nos [9:14 into S32E02 - I, Carumbus] springeth to mind; sadly, copyright demons ensure there’s no y00t00b vid thereof. tophat-cry

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Versions of this excuse get used so often. As though racism is okay if you only express it when you’re mad or stressed out? Nobody I know starts dropping N-words when they are mad FFS. Racism continues to exist because the people around racists enable and excuse their behaviour like this.

It’s like the old “angry drunk” excuse. “Oh he only beats his wife when he’s drunk, but he’s a good guy”. Uh, no he isn’t. He’s a piece of shit who needs to be stopped.


Another thing is that this horribly racist guy in a position of power didn’t suffer any consequences until someone he previously pissed off taped him and spilled the beans, which is rare. Just think of all the thousands of other people like him that have not been called out, and are still in positions of power, because there wasn’t a smoking gun like this. I hope the lawsuit against him is successful.


He appears to be a white guy with short hair, probably in his 60s. I see nothing to indicate that he is a bigot in his appearance. I’m a white guy aspiring to be in my 60s someday and I resent the people here saying he looks like a bigot because then you’re saying I look like one, too. What, exactly makes him look like a racist? All my uncles who lived long enough looked like this guy and none of them was a racist bigot.

That’s a hard 60. He looks in his mid 70’s to me.


Most of them appear to be white so you’re shit out of luck there anyway but maybe this wasn’t about you, eh?


That was my read as well.


I believe this is a problem that will go away on its own. By the time you are sixty different people will be looking at you and you don’t know what you’ll look like. It’s ok most people are still going to be nice to old white guys so long as they don’t attend protests that aren’t right wing. You’ll probably be fine.


Maybe this was about making assumptions about people’s beliefs based on their appearance.

I loved the Jeffersons. Still one of the all-time best tv theme songs.
I think we’re of about the same vintage, and it was cool that even though I grew up in a really “white” state, I grew up watching the Jeffersons and the Cosby Show (we didn’t know about him, yet, so it was good). Those were pretty much the only examples I had.

It’s all in the phrenology. I hope you and your uncles don’t have the same skull shape as this guy, or you’re just fooling yourself. /s


Maybe that person needs to go start their own thread, if that’s what they want to discuss, rather than derailing this one from its’ actual topic; y’know… WHITE RACISTS and the racist-ass shit they be sayin’.


For me it was *Diahann Carroll in “Julia”, a nurse who was widowed and raising her son alone. It was groundbreaking TV (late 1960’s, early 1970’s). And I would argue that “Good Times” was a positive example of a strong working class Black family (and friends), which at the time countered the prevailing prejudice about what poor urban Blacks were like, so I would say they count as “successful” as well.

This Kentucky jailer has never had a time when there weren’t positive Black examples available to watch, read, or otherwise learn about. No excuse for not learning the truth after all this time.


Very true; I should have used the word ‘prosperous’ as opposed to “successful.”


Like all abject racist turds he regrets being caught out. How could anyone like that truly think people would really believe they regret saying those things?

I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but he looks exactly like what you’d expect a toxic racist to look like.