A kitchen assembly line makes packing lunch a breeze

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With a little prep, you can turn your kitchen into a convenient lunch assembly line for your kids or even just for yourself.


Well, if nothing else, this makes doomsday preppers look less crazy


The packaging added in all that is just gross. Please don’t.


Also, white bread with cheddar and pork for a kids’ lunch?

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packing the crackers in with the meat as shown would make for some pretty mushy crackers


Pretty cool :thumbsup:

Although more suited to a multi-child household than to pre-making for one kid for a whole week.


Multiple problems:

  • Lunch meat and crackers stored in the same bag is going make the crackers soggy, even if they don’t touch. There’s enough moisture in a slice of bread to make crackers or chips stale if stored together for a few hours.

  • Lunch meat touching the bread is going to sogify the bread.

  • Bread stored in the fridge accelerates the staling process - it’s actually fastest at about 40F

My son reports that an unwrapped sandwich placed in a plastic container at 7am will make potato chips in the same container to be stale by lunchtime. Storing this stuff in the fridge for an extra 12 hours is going to make things worse. If you’re going to do something like this, you need a waterproof/fat barrier (e.g. bread-cheese-meat-mayo-bread or putting peanut butter on both halves of the sandwich before adding jelly) in the sandwich and need to keep the sandwich separate from any chips/crackers/pretzels.

My kids sandwiches constructed with fat barriers and placed in ziplock bags which go in plastic containers along with chips, pretzels, fruit or whatever else. The kids are instructed to bring home the ziplocks which get re-used.


Is that food? That’s not food. Is it?

I was coming here to say that, and leaving bread wrapped in paper in the fridge for days isn’t going to do that sandwich any favors either. I get the impression whoever made this video solved for ‘visually compelling’ at all costs.

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That’s just too much plastic packaging going straight into the landfill. It’s a small investment to buy reusable plastic containers. So much processed food! I have a kid and I hated making lunch for her because she was such a picky eater. She wouldn’t have eaten any of this.

Leftovers people! Leftovers. Spaghetti tonight is lunch tomorrow! Easy peasy.


You know what else makes packing lunch a breeze? Buying lunchmeat and bread and cheese and telling your kids to make their own damned lunches.


Are you seriously just repackaging videos from tasty now?

Tasty was kind of fun at first, but now that they are doing advertising deals, all of their recipes are processed food nightmares.

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Brought to you by the String Cheese Association of Wisconsin.


I’m sure that those lunches would go well with a hot bowl of bucket soup.

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