Funny plastic sandwich bags printed with fake mold

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It wouldn’t have worked on the co-worker who just took a bite out of other peoples’ lunches “just to see what they were having”. She would have just assumed she could bite into the non-moldy part.


Wouldn’t this encourage someone to just throw the sandwich out instead of eating it? Just keep an insulated bag by your desk if you’re really paranoid about people getting into your food.


Consider a bait sandwich laced with Bitrex or capsaicine.


Or a really strong laxative. Nah, I really like your ideas better. She may not have connected taking a bite of my sandwich with the pipe cleaning that would follow.


Wait, what? Is that a true story? Who does that?! I mean, I can understand pilfering lunches secretly, but acknowledging it upfront and acting like it’s a normal thing to do?

What did she say when you asked her not to do that?

It really is a true story. I never got a chance to ask her not to do it because I wasn’t the one that caught her, but she was genuinely surprised that it upset people. Co-workers said it was because she lived alone and wasn’t used to rules of basic etiquette. I think it went deeper than that.

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