A lawn sign welcoming all people, in Spanish, English and Arabic


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It’s really not so hard to be kind.


There are several in my 'hood as well. There should be more language choices.




I wonder if you can get them in Tongan and Ilocano too?


Love it. I wish I had a lawn!


Lovely sign.
The “dónde” is hurting my brain, there are few places where Spanish can be ambiguous but the sentence structure used here makes the accent mark in the o slightly ambiguous.
I think it’s correct, but it feels off somehow.
“No importa de dónde eres” could be written as “No importa de que lugar eres” in which case the accent mark is necessary or it could be written as “No importa del lugar que eres” which would make it unnecessary.
I’m going to be thinking about this all day.



Rather than pointing readers to Amazon, may I suggest https://www.welcomeyourneighbors.org/ ? They have a directory of organizations distributing the signs locally, AND you can download a printable version of the sign yourself. Not just that, you can access multiple versions of the sign, with different combinations of languages (and even Canadian/UK spelling variants)! I’ve had a version of the sign (with French, English, and Arabic) on my lawn for nearly two months now, and I pass dozens of them on my way in to work. I love watching them spread!


And remember to enjoy a fine Pepsi product. :+1:


I recently saw the same sign in someone’s yard in another neighborhood in Northern Virginia.


I love this message and the goodwill that these signs are spreading across the country. For folks that want to wear a message of solidarity and tolerance, I make and sell tri-lingual shirts at Deckershirts.etsy.com. All proceeds to ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center. https://www.etsy.com/listing/493279221/we-stand-together-t-shirt


If you buy it from the source rather than Amazon, Cory doesn’t get a cut.


A very good thing. Raleigh’s version has sixteen languages, which might be a bit overkill…



I replanned my run around being able to see a couple of these per mile. The darkness may be encroaching, but it’s not all the way here yet.


If I had a lawn, I would put this on it.


One (that I know of) in my 'hood as well.


If you like dandelions, you can have mine. :sunglasses:


How about something along the lines of: “Please stay away from me for reasons unrelated to your race, religion and national origin?”


These are all over my neighborhood in Tucson, and have been for a while.