A list of 'every horrible bill proposed by DeSantis's Florida GOP this year'

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The list of bills includes one to make it “a crime to drive an undocumented immigrant anywhere in the state”.

Wouldn’t that criminalize DeSantis’s little political stunt where he sent migrants to blue states? Somebody must have driven those people somewhere within Florida.

I fear that the new Purity Police won’t be showing up at the governor’s mansion with a pair of handcuffs any time soon, though.


The Republican claim that “government is the problem” is a self-fulfilling prophecy, one that’s only accelerated over time. This list of petty, mean-spirited, cruel and dangerous bills is further evidence that any GOP voter in Florida who isn’t a wealthy white cis-het male is a complete idiot.


Wouldn’t this be every bill proposed by DeSantis’s Florida GOP this year?


A list of Nicknames for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Ron DuhSantis
Ron DumbSantis
Ron DeSandtrap
Wrong DeSantis
Ron Dementis
Ron Insantis
Ron DeSanctimonious
Meatball Ron
A Wheelchair Over The Cliff Kind Of Guy
Ron Destablishment
Ron DisAintNoDisco


you left out Ron Deathsentence. he earned that one for his handling of covid.
and my favorite, simply MoRon.


Ya do wrong Ron


Trump Lite (piss off both DeSantis and Trump?)

Governor of East Gilead

Ron DeSatan


You seem to be operating under the mistaken impression that he intends to be subject to the law. That’s not how fascist laws like this work. They are meant to ensure that some people have to live marginalized, oppressed lives, and others have a much wider latitude of action. This is precisely how, say, Jim Crow laws worked. White men regularly violated Jim Crow laws, and rarely, if ever got arrested for it for example. This is how such laws will work in FL. It will allow particular people to do what they want, and it will oppress others.

This is how authoritarianism works.


I dunno - they must have named some state buildings, or officialized some state [food, animal] during that time, too… they might have been able to do some of those without turning them into hate crimes.


Not for a minute, I assure you.

Frank Wilhoit said it best:

“Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit: There must be in-groups whom the law protects but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.”

It’s different from simply applying laws unequally or inconsistently: the whole point is not that favored groups are merely exempt from the laws they write, it’s that they are advantaged or empowered by them as others are disadvantaged and disempowered.


Most Massachusetts Republican representatives are nothing like these Florida Republican representatives.

Somehow they’ve managed to coexist with Massachusetts Democratic representatives without that level of evil even when Trump was President. We had the occasional RWNJ in office who went rogue but nothing like this.

Could this really be what Florida voters want?


imma say NOPE!
but sadly, i can’t tell anymore…


Those bills read like a list of why you shouldn’t move or visit to Fla.

How can i support allies down there? Surely some people down there are decent, only been there briefly, the rest can be gator chow.

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I’m inclined to say no, but shit they can read and have choice, for now, to leave if they don’t approve. At least adult with reliable transportation.

I’ve been trying to popularize:

Ron GeStapo
Peeping Ron


Gerrymandering and voter suppression are extremely prevalent in Florida. Just one example: back in 2018. 65% of voting Floridians voted for an amendment that automatically returned voting rights to many people convicted of crimes who had completed their sentence. The very next year, Desantis signed a law that gutted that amendment. The law requires that the people whose vote is being returned must first pay a whole host of fines. Of course they were sued and the trial court has found this pay to vote system unconstitutional. Of course the Florida attorney general appealed.
The estimate of citizens who should be able to vote because of this amendment is over one and a half million. That is a lot of disenfranchisement.

Then there is the giant misinformation machine created by the GOP. The GOP are unfortunately masters of manipulating people’s fears. Add that in to how much they’ve suppressed the vote and you get this.


No, because he used Florida tax dollars to bus immigrants from states (notable for not being Florida) to other states (notable for also not being Florida). Fiscal responsibility!


He jumps through those custom made loopholes like a rat through a manhole.