A look at the marvelous career of Michelle Yeoh

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Skip Gunpowder Milkshake, that movie was terrible but it wasn’t Michelle’s fault, it was just awful. She’s amazing in everything else.

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She is just so awesome.


I am really looking forward to the new film, and she’s one of the biggest reasons why. Great actress and wonderful person.


It probably helps if you look like Michelle Yeoh, though.

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All Hail Emperor Georgiou!!!

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Yes, women ONLY get by on their looks… /s

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Don’t be a dick.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone suggest that a highly acclaimed male action star got where they were because of how they looked instead of what they could do on screen.

Bruce Lee had some amazing abs, sure—but so does every model you see pictured on a 3-pack of boxer briefs at Target. Looks do not an action star or an actor make.


Of course not… then, it’s all just talent… :roll_eyes:

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It’s like watching WALL·E crush a pile of garbage into a solid cube.


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Someday I will grow up and be like her!


[Tries to remember her in more HK Indies than she was in.] A’ight. Maybe Holy Sword?


I didn’t even look at the video yet, I don’t have to because this shit is my JAM and Michelle is the QUEEN:

Yes, Madam! 1985 Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock. Some painful comedy from John Shum and (brilliant director goofing off) Tsui Hark before an insane final fight that is an absolute classic. This is the movie that started the whole “girls with guns” genre and is the first in the In the Line of Duty series.

Royal Warriors 1986 is even better, from the opening scene to the crazy battle-tank ending. Michelle teams up with Hiroyuki Sanada to take down the killers in a never ending revenge plot. The fight on the plane is off the hook and the shootout in a fancy nightclub is bonkers. Tough and brutal and one of the best action films of the 80’s. Michael Wong is there for some reason.

Magnificent Warriors 1987 Michelle outdoes Indiana Jones as a fighter pilot slash spy who takes on the entire fucking Japanese army in Mongolia. Richard Ng is there.

Easy Money 1987 Michelle sits around looking beautiful and posh in exotic locations whilst outwitting the cops. No action at all!

Police Story 3: Supercop 1992 Michelle comes out of retirement and steals Jackie’s movie! This is the one where she jumps a fucking motorcycle onto a moving train even though she’d never ridden a motorcycle before!

The Heroic Trio 1993 Michelle teams up with the other two most beautiful and talented women in Hong Kong (the world?) Maggie Cheung and Anita Mui in what is the craziest and therefore best comic book superhero movie ever made, even though it’s not based on a comic book. She did six (6!) movies that year!

Executioners is a direct sequel to Heroic Trio, but it’s a real downer. HK sequels are usually even worse than Hollywood sequels.

Butterfly and Sword is all-star costume wire-fu INSANITY! Donny does some great sword work.

Holy Weapon is a Wong Jing movie, so… yeah. If you’ve never experienced a Wong Jing joint, well, you sweet summer child! The opening and ending action scenes are in-fucking-sane but the hour in between is painful “comedy.” Tons of HK stars!

Project S aka Supercop 2 - Michelle’s character from Police Story 3 in a spin-off, but she’s barely in it?

The Tai Chi Master Michelle nearly steals Jet’s movie! One of the best Kung Fu flicks of all time just watch it already!

1994: Shaolin Popey II: Messy Temple is a kids movie full of fart and piss jokes. Michelle’s in it for like 2 minutes, but she fights a little kid who’s super powered by breast milk and virgin piss, so it’s got that going for it.

Wonder Seven is like a typical wuxia epic with too many characters, but also it’s modern day and they all ride dirt bikes?

Wing Chun !! OMFG words cannot describe how much I LOVE this movie! I mean, TOFU FIGHT!! Donnie’s so cute in it too!

The Stunt Woman 1996 is a serious drama about a HK stuntwoman and ironically Michelle’s worst injury on film. She’s great in it, of course.

1997: The Soong Sisters is a lavish award winning historical drama. Maggie’s in it too and everyone is great but no fighting.

Tomorrow Never Dies I have Michelle’s action figure from this! It looks shitty! I was SOOO stoked to see her in this, but SOOO pissed when Johnathen Pryce made fun of her Kung Fu and then she didn’t get to kill him! Can’t upstage Bond! Still, the best of the Brosnan ones and the scene where they’re handcuffed together on a motorcycle and fight a fucking helicopter is boss! And the shower scene immediately after? My god my heart she is so beautiful!

Moonlight Express 1999 romantic melodrama staring the always brilliant and beautiful Leslie Cheung in one of his later performances. Michelle’s hardly in it.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2000 I don’t have to praise this because you already know it’s amazing. Michelle’s fight with Ziyi over the Green Destiny is, in my somewhat expert opinion, the single greatest one-on-one fight scene ever in the entire history of film ever I am not even kidding it’s fucking brilliant! And the romance with Chow Yun Fat is heartbreaking. Goddamn what a movie! I wish they had worked together in the 90’s because I would have LOVED to have seen a movie with his hit man and her cop falling in love whilst killing Triad goons!

Whew I have to stop now and sleep. I can talk about her later films tomorrow if anyone cares.

Tofu fight!


Very tasty. (When tofu is bad for you.)


The epitome of Badass:


Just watched Everything and WOW!

Just… infinite wow

The funniest part was when people started to leave when the end credits rolled after act 1.