A look back at 1998's Wild Things, "increasingly appreciated as a slice of wanton sleaze"

Originally published at: A look back at 1998's Wild Things, "increasingly appreciated as a slice of wanton sleaze" | Boing Boing

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If nothing else it was a very bold reinterpretation of the Maurice Sendak book.


Wild rumpus indeed.


Ah, the good old days, when they gave away all the plot twists in the trailer


I remember really liking this movie back in the day, but that was over 25 years ago and forget the plot!


It was a clever whodunit with hot 80s actors in their prime doing spicy stuff. I can’t recall any quotable lines, but it stuck in my head.

So did Showgirls, but not for any cleverness!


I was walking by a UA theater, and a gal with a clipboard said “We’ll pay you $20 to watch a movie and give feedback.” I was young and callow and had time on my hands, so I said “sure!” The film turned out to be Wild Things.

I remember the feeling of “oh god, this is gonna be awful…” in the first few minutes. But then the twists started. My main memory of the film was with each twist or counter-twist, a heightened feeling of glee at how they had tricked me.

It was kind of like my first viewing of The Sixth Sense. With Sixth Sense, I wanted to watch it exactly twice. Once for the experience, and once to see it knowing the trick and seeing if they’d cheated.

For Wild Things, I might have wanted to watch it again for all the hot people being hot, but I’m not sure the twists would be enough to motivate a second viewing.


It was a very hot day and we had no air-conditioning, so to the second-run theater we went. I really, really hate the experience of watching a movie which starts out promising but falls apart halfway through, so I was almost relieved that this movie started out so badly. But then the twists started! And by the end I was thinking, that was cracking good fun!

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