A lovely little story about a sentient tank that attends a comic-con

Not all tanks have revolving turrets, the Jagdpanzer 38 ‘Hetzer’ Light tank destroyer didn’t, built by Skoda, used extensively by the Nazis, and the Swedish Stridsvagen 103 had a fixed gun and incredibly low profile.
The Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger also had fixed guns, as well.

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All you listed except for Strv 103 are not tanks. They are tank destroyers. The are all armored fighting vehicle but not tanks. There operative usage and design goals are different then tanks. The fact they did not have turret severely limited there capacity.

The Strv 103 is a tank because it usage and what it could do was almost identical to tanks with turret. It was better on some and worse on some other but it was a main battle tank and used the same manual for combat as the Centurion with a turret. It did not have a guns in a casemate that could be rotated a few degrees like the WWII tank destroyers but a fixed gun and a advance hydraulic control system to rotate and tilt the whole tank. It could not fire on the move and when good gun stabilization system was introduced in the 1970s it was obvious that the lack of a turret was a huge disadvantage. But it was comparable the other tanks designed in the late 1950s

The heavy WWI tank did not have any turrets but the guns could be rotated quit a lot compare to WWII tank destroy.

So there are tanks without turret but no during WWII (that I am aware of)

You can’t say that if a armored fighting vehicle has a turret it is a tank or by looking at amour or gun caliber.

A current self-propelled howitzer have large guns in a turret. A infantry fighting vehicle like a like a CV9040 have similar amour and better gun then early WWII tanks but it still not a tank. What is a tank is determined by the intended usage of them.

The story mentioned that is has a turret, so the tank is the story is a tank with a turret.

I salute you, fellow weapons connoisseur!

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