The White Donkey – From the online comic series about the existential crisis of a military experience

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My experience with the military was one of completely resolving myself to the fact that I literally had nowhere else to go for 3 hots and a cot, plus a free education, all at the mere cost of my freedom. What a deal, really how was it so different from any other employment contracts we endure through our lives.

PS. The White Donkey is a great name for a band…

Hmm might need to check this out His webcomic, Terminal Lance, is pretty damn funny. I like how it sort of pokes fun of a lot of military tropes, often in a positive way. I think he has a social conscious one wouldn’t expect from a former Marine. Obliviously this is a more serious work, but I am a fan of his past stuff.


Looks like an intriguing book, but maybe mark a post like this as sponsored content? It’s straight from the publisher’s site, byline and all.


IIRC, if it is from Wink, it is sponsored content. They are linking to sell books. Neat books, usually, but books.

Right, but what I’m complaining about is how, as far as I can tell, the post isn’t identified as sponsored content. It looks like any other regular post.

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Pretty much if they are trying to sell you something it is sponsored content. The stuff from the BB Store has identical looking posts, like that glass weed pipe thingy with the spiral in it.

All the cool gadgets and nick knacks that have an Amazon link, perhaps not directly sponsored per se, ends up as a revenue stream.

Gotta pay the server bill some how.

I don’t object to selling things. And I guess you’re right that this whole place is basically a retail outfit. Maybe it’s naive of me to wish that were more evident.

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