A machined, contemporary take on a netsuke/sagemono

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/25/real-nice-and-kentucky.html

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May i add that these are $1,200 a piece.


They’re going to run about 50 of these,

If you must.

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Sweet! I’ll take a whole case of 'em!

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Good because the available space inside is real small, you may only be able to fill it with a few ounces of cocaine totally legit tiny things.


I should buy a lathe. For starters.

is the novelty the same if you find a practical use for it?

The article kind of gets that wrong. Netsuke weren’t containers. They were counterweights from which bags were strung, kind of like a fob on a bag’s drawstring. you would slip the netsuke through the underside of your sash, then it would prevent the bag from falling off. Later, the netsuke got more and more decorative, until finally they were made for their own decorative value rather than as a bag fob. The Met museum, for instance, has a huge collection: http://metmuseum.org/art/collection#!?q=Netsuke&perPage=20&sortBy=Relevance&sortOrder=asc&offset=0&pageSize=0


It’s a weed grinder, that will also magically open a portal to Hell…


It is a self-sealing stem bolt.

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I believe thats actually part of the firing pin assembly for the Stark Industries Jericho missile.

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NO! Anything but “'em”!

The thing itself is kinda neat but the story behind is very whatever.

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