Shuriken multitool


Well I can’t read kanjis at all, but I see this is not a weapon, but a “maruti-tsuuru.”


It looks a lot more versatile than the Wallet Ninja, but its apparent inability to be neatly confined within a wallet is a bit of a downside.

I’d also be concerned about how well it will actually hold up when you need to loosen a bolt or tighten a screw. Obviously you wouldn’t set out to use something like this for a heavy-duty job, but you wouldn’t want something that snaps instantly either. I keep one of these multi-wrenches on hand, but the last one I actually tried to use barely lasted two twists.

I’ll just get a pair of these and Wonder Woman your Shuriken if it comes flying at me…


Completely impractical… but who cares!

Anyone else remember making these in shop class? Back when there was such a thing?

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Now that’s pretty cool. Would it be more likely to survive airport security than that belt buckle ?

Cool, but it looks like it would be difficult to use without cutting yourself…

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