A MAGA man wears a Biden T-shirt that benefits everyone

I’m kinda curious what specific things Biden has done that has this guy so irate. I mean, other than just being a Democrat.


Stiefler’s mom…hot conservative chick…MILF?

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In the USA, that’s enough for some folks.


Does a backwards MAGA baseball cap manage the impossible of making the wearer look even more dim than someone wearing a MAGA hat?


A fairly apolitical friend of mine told me that he kept his hair long because, in his experience, he preferred the girls he attracted with long hair to those he attracted with short. He admitted that the flip side of this was getting hassled by cops more when he had long hair. Anyway I don’t see this shirt as any different from a forthright Tinder profile.

I was recently on a plane (!) and a guy in first class had a “Biden is just as useless as this mask” mask. I considered stopping to tell him that I completely agreed* but didn’t want to hold up the line.

*in that neither is


I’ve often joked, “Wearing a baseball cap all the time (especially indoors and at meals) indicates a 20 point deficit in critical thinking. Wearing the cap with/as a political statement shows an IQ drop of 20 points. Wearing it backwards drops the apparent IQ by another 30 points.” This puts him about 70 points down.
A flatworm would be a better and smarter date.


He’s got an ass eating Daddy kink?

Hey, whatever floats his boat. Some guys like bears. Some guys like them a little more fem. I’m not going to shame him if he has a “older man in position of power” thing…


I think the thing that makes it different is that the request is meant to be confrontational or adversarial in nature, and not as an icebreaker. :man_shrugging:


Now, then, giving all of those leftist women their fair warning, that there’s a gentleman.


I thought it was “eat (or kiss) my ass” and “suck my dick”.
Am I mistaken, or is this guy into something different?

Let’s be clear, this is intellectual curiosity only.

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One most fervently hopes he is sterile.


Lots of fun to be poked at this guy, and have at it.

There’s also a lot of crossing over into objectifying women and defining them as gold-diggers or other stereotypes based on their politics, however. This guy being a tool is not a free pass to get misogynist about women on his side of the aisle, okay folks?


using fashion to signal to potential mates is pretty typical human behavior.

But I’m also not surprised he doesn’t seem to be in a committed relationship.


Yes, but I wonder if he has a wife who thinks he is? (If your partner doesn’t know you’re in an open relationship then you’re not.)


I don’t object to the sentiment, at least it’s better than “let’s go brandon”. What I object to is the complete and utter moron wearing it and what comes out of that tiny little brain. I would LOVE to see how many “good old hot conservative chicks” he’s come across willing to sweat up the sheets with him.

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