Interesting shirt from this weekend's Trump rally


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Wow . . . if I coulda snuck up behind that person with a magic marker. . . .


Clearly he is inviting others to engage with him in a articulate, nuanced conversation.


We can and should laugh at these hateful dopes, but unless we get our acts together they’re going to continue to have real chances at saddling the rest of us with their Know-Nothing political leaders. While liberals and progressives frequently sit out midterm elections or get complacent in the belief that facts and truth will win the day, guys like this always show up to vote.


Ha, what a moran.

But yeah, I agree with @gracchus that it’s tough to see much value in merely laughing at this latest iteration of wingnut stupidity and mendacity.


This people are serious nationalists and proto-fascists. We need to keep a close eye on these people and put overwhelming persistent pressure on them.


And here on proud display is the intellectual weakness of Trump and his supporters.

oh, and BTW, nice long locks there girly man.


That some one [moronic] would take the time to put that shirt together is baffling.


They may be stupid but they are united and organized. They’re dangerous. We need to get our act together yesterday. We need a provisional leadership to organize opposition to the Trump Nazis.


There is an organized resistance. It’s called the Democratic party. Don’t like them? I’m not aware of a Plan C that’s making a shred of difference.


You know…my argument back to this fool would be “You’re right…a birth certificate will state biologically that everyone is born male or female…sure. But a person isn’t defined by a sheet of paper.”

The point would of course sail over their heads within the clouds and they would then comment “SEE! You admit Imma right…yer a man or a girl and you can’t change it, 'cause that’s what you’re birth certificate says!”

I always imagine their grammar is wrong in my imaginary interactions. :slight_smile:


The real problem with this guy, is he uses public restrooms like everyone else, and has made screwing with transgender people his issue.


He’s just concerned about the economy, guys. :rainbow::poop::skull_and_crossbones:


That’s a joke. For the past 20 years, the Democratic party has done nothing but got steamrolled by far right extremists who have no business being in office. Just voting every four years isn’t going to change anything, and certainly not voting for the same people who got us into this mess. Democracy is participatory, not a four year set and forget. If you want something, go out and get it yourself, don’t wait for the Democratic party to decide you need it. Did you think the Tea Party sat around waiting for the Republican Party?


Are you doing something concrete?


he’s doing the most important thing possible, being outraged on the internet!


To me, it’s obvious that:

  1. The Democratic party failed in 2016 because they ignored the electorate and focused on their self-imputed managerial competence and worthiness.
  2. There’s still just about zero enthusiasm for the Democratic party in left/liberal electorate, and snarling condescension like you displayed in your comment is not making people more enthusiastic (surprise surprise).
  3. The Republican party had a similar problem in 2008, hence the election of Obama. How did they make such a stellar comback in 2016? The rank-and-file conservative electorate staged a hostile takeover of the Republican party and ran more radical candidates against the centrists who they perceived as simultaneously betraying their principles and failing to actually win elections.

Your flogging the failed corpse of the wing of the neoliberal party that wears liberalism’s flayed and fraying skin like a sheep costume is actually counterproductive, so if Plan C is not making a shred of difference then it’s still preferable.

To me, the answer is obvious: left/liberal tea party needs to happen. So stop trying to actively discourage it.


Wait… does this mean I must select the third option?


Or you could just point out the actual concrete real-world existence of congentially gender ambiguous people. God didn’t invent birth certificates, but he did invent hermaphrodites.


I just don’t get this stance/hatred/bigotry. How does it affect this person (the one wearing the ugly t-shirt in the photo - ugly message, layout and fonts) if someone else happens to believe they’re in the wrong body?