A MAGA rap video starring Marjorie Taylor Greene

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This man was born in a wealthy family and went to private school, just like DJT, his family, and Tucker Carlson. He failed as a rapper until he pivoted to rapping about Trump, found his niche and hasn’t looked back. In other words, he’s a grifter.

So we now have MAGA Tim Westwood. Great, the original was bad enough.


Who wants to forget really forget the Roger Stone version?


Oh gods. No. No, no, no, no. Hell no. Her voice makes the little bones in my ears twitch. I would really like it if all this weird MAGA cult bulschitt goes away forever.

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This is only barely distinguishable as non-parody. There’s multiple layers of parody going on, only they’re unintentional.

Honestly, I can’t bear to click on that. Those of us of a certain age got our fill of “awkward middle aged white people rapping” in the ‘80s when they all tried so hard to be cool in commercials, school assemblies, PTA meetings, and anywhere else that kids needing impressing.

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This guy is like Christian rock. When everything you do revolves around a single subject, everything you do will be horrible. Even worse, when that single subject is a political rube, you come across as a paid clown. It’s the worst kind of cringe.

Did he say Ted Cruz is a gangster?!?!
Loosing all credibility in an instant must be painful. What will they do for work once the GOP stops paying them to come up with this garbage?


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