A Manchester woman breaks out in "Don't Look Back in Anger," crowd joins in

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No, i’m not crying, you’re crying. Stop crying.


In some quarters of American politics, that singer would be considered a “serious troublemaker”.


You’re right. It’s me.

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For all the pathetic people who want to break society, give it up …collectively we’re tougher and braver than you can ever be. The tide of life will wash over you, We will honor your victims by living our lives even larger, your legacy will be no more that an unpleasant whiff in a field of flowers.


Dang it BB! I’m crying my eyes out over here.

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Oh man, that’s such a great song, that’s tough

the sunday after the september 11 attack in new york, i was in prospect park in brooklyn. on a small hill a woman started singing “we shall overcome”, people began walking up the hill and singing with her till the hill was crowded. it was one of the most moving experiences of my life, like a dream. it stays with me as an enduring image of the greatness of america.
no one talks about how new york was turned into a giant peace park after the attacks. they might have been calling for revenge and retribution in texas, miles away from the attacks, but not in new york.


I’m not crying, you’re crying.

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Yep, tears. That cuts right through… whatever it is that normally keeps the world at bay.

We can fight back, but we don’t need guns.


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