Ariana Grande concert explosions leave scores dead and injured. Manchester police: 'terrorist incident'

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Ahhhh, fuck it.

Hoping the fatalities were minimal, injuries heal quickly, and political blowback limited.


Damn - if only she had super powers like her character in Final Fantasy…

ETA - seems took place just outside the performance area and just after the show - so could have been lots worse.


Just wanted to stick my head in and counsel against making premature assumptions (not that anyone’s doing so on here, but all over twitter, blech).

At the time I’m writing this, there is no official confirmation on the number of fatalities - though it has been confirmed that there ARE fatalities - and no confirmation of the cause. There is a bomb squad on site but that’s fairly normal when there’s a chance it was a bomb and it’s not known that it wasn’t.

Though sadly, it doesn’t look good.

Edit: Aaaand… now it’s officially “a possible terrorist incident”. We may now panic.


Just as Labour was catching up in the polls and May was in confusion… Labour heartland goes boom and kids die.

Goddamn. I hate this world and everyone in it.


I’m fully expecting the “false flag” conspiracy theorists to be out in full force on this one, giving the timing.
(Theresa May had a complete meltdown today during election campaigning, and under any other circumstances the front pages of tomorrow’s papers would be entirely dominated by that. But, not unreasonably, this will probably push that into second place.)


the fact that they are already saying “20-30 fatalities” this early on does not bode well. : (


19 confirmed dead so far.

Again my first thoughts not for the victims, as they should be, but again the tories and specifically amber fucking rudd using it as an excuse to attack encryption and have real-time surveillance.


They will fuck us in the ass. They don’t even have to try, now. Wonderful, fucking wonderful.

And now I have to go on facebook and ask all my friends, I hope you weren’t there. I hope you and your kids are safe. Yes I’m fine, I’m not the one to go see Ariana Grande and my kids are not big enough, thanks fuck. I’ve never even been to the MEN Arena.

Shit happens and it’s always us little people getting screwed one way or the other.


Please, please don’t. This cycle of terror attack followed by fear, followed by restriction of liberties and escalation of wars in the Middle East, followed by terror attack followed by… has got to stop. If not, we’re going to wind up living The Handmaid’s Tale in real life.

Can we please just take a minute and consider alternatives to get off the terrorism merry-go-round we’re on?


I only got passed the tutorial and some first mission stuff of that, then gave up on it

No. We are, optimistically, ten years too late for that. It isn’t a merry go round. It’s a roller-coaster, and the ride ends in a drop over a pit of fire.

On the plus side, I can guarantee we won’t end up in the Handmaid’s Tale.

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I honestly wonder, if it was some type of Islam associate terrorist that did this, was it because she affiliated herself with a Jewish sect, though part of me doubts the shooter(s)(?) knew that

Meh. The Bataclan act had fuck all to do with anything. In Nice it was just a city holiday.

Whoever these people are, they don’t even try to pretend it makes sense anymore. Their timing is always great though.


Fucking hell! I hope the survivors come through okay. Sympathies to UK Mutants.


This is shit, idk if its better for this to be senseless or that there was motive behind it

I counted earlier and this is my 59th bomb since moving to Britain (I didn’t set them, I mean bombs that have gone off here). The general attitude so far seems to be “Tea, anyone?” and offers of lifts home or free rooms.


Given the terrorists we have had lately, I think it’s most likely that it was just the most crowded place they could manage to get to with their bus pass.


Those false-flag nutters need to have their nuts put in a vise. They seem to be quite stupid.


Way things are, i don’t see the end to hostilities, Brexit/Trump really set things back