A map for extraterrestrials to find Earth


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That’s how I got here.


Given current events, I’m absolutely positive that your spacecraft was completely destroyed.


That was your farm I crashed in?


That’s okay. The DoA pays me to not grow corn.


Roger That!


Ohh great… Here comes Trisolaris


Just don’t act surprised if, as per the invitation, the extraterrestrials show up naked & offering a quasi ‘Sieg Heil’.


They don’t need a map; they know exactly where we are, they’ve been avoiding us for ages.

“No one wants to meet Meat.”


Seriously, did they not read “The Three Body Problem”?



delightfully, extraterrestrials think we are all nudist.



Probably Bob Heinlein’s fault.

BTW any extraterrestrial who finds the Pioneer or Voyager probes will have been watching Earth TV for the last couple of years of their flight


Let me guess - hitched a ride with a teaser?


In that case, we’re doomed.


Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.


“Fresh & Juicy, thin, tender skin, ripe for the picking! Right here, 2/3 of the way out between the 1st and 2nd large spiral arms of the Milky Way! Come get us before we’re gone!”


Good thing we’re not beaming a constant stream of radio waves out in to space like a giant beacon saying “HERE WE ARE!” Nope, good thing we’re not doing that.


IIRC they know where we are and have scheduled our planet for demolition as it lies right in the path of a proposed hyperspace express route…