A mold of Donald Trump's small right hand found on display at Madame Tussaud's in NYC



An imprint of Trump’s right hand was found on display at Madame Tussaud’s New York wax museum by the Hollywood Reporter. Using a measuring apparatus, the Reporter found the hand to be a mere 7.25 inches – compared to the average male hand size of 7.44 inches.

“It’s pretty small,” said Claire Severson, 22.

“It’s about the same size as mine and I have a small hand. It’s tiny.”


He’s going to completely flip out once he finds out about this, isn’t he?


Measures hand.




I had to Google “how to measure your hand” but… really? He’s 7.25 and 7.4 is average? Thanks, I feel like a freak now. :slight_smile:

BTW, the Google autocomplete for “how to measure your” is surprisingly tame.


I suspect this mold is out of date; surely Trump’s middle finger is much longer from exercise than it was even a year ago.


Okay, since we dudes can never resist a measuring contest, let’s just assume we’re measuring hand length, from the crease where your palm meets the wrist up to the tip of your middle finger, while holding your hand up as if waving goodbye. I think that’s where the 7.44" average comes from.

I get 8.25", and I’m 6’2".

(I’m assuming we’re not talking about hand span, from thumbtip to pinkietip with hand spread out flat on a table as far as you can stretch. I get a full 9.5" in that dimension. Trump’s hands would be teensy indeed if that’s the measurement we’re talking.)


7.6", I feel adequate (but not presidential). I’m 5’8", but shrinking.



LOL at 1:07.


I am but a wee (5’8") lady but my hands are appropriately delicate and 7" long. :slight_smile:


Remember that there are two measurements: the entire length, and then the length of just the fingers themselves.

I forgot which poster used the line “all promise, no delivery” in another thread to describe the inverse relationship between big balls and a tiny penis, but the orange codswollop’s hand may be a perfect representation of this.


It’s all about the girth of the fingers.


Thank you for that mental image. /s


We aim to please.


We should all ‘hand’ it to Rubio, his observation during the primaries fits like a glove, a dainty little glove.


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