A multitool that's also a belt-buckle

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You can’t fool me. It’s a belt-buckle that’s also a multi-tool.


Angus MacGyver scoffs at your fancy belt buckle as he strolls through the security checkpoint with his duct tape and paper clips.


If I wasnt so in love with my Cobra buckle, I’d maybe consider it.

Did you get a chance to use the device? I absolutely loved the specs and design features of their somewhat new Reactor product, but when I got my hands on it, I was terribly dissapointed… it’s so damn flimsy, and the blade has so much wiggle, that it’s a severe laceration waiting to happen if you ever use the thing. :frowning: I’m a SOG fan who daily carried a PowerLock for years, but now I’m wary of their products unless I can see them in person first.


I discovered ratchet belts not so long ago. Totally the Greatest Thing Ever. I will never go back – at least, not until the inevitable day when I am desperate for a new one and find them completely unavailable.


Because of my tumors, I need like a web belt or something adjustable. Your sample would work, but the one I have works fine. Its technically a gun belt, but it just looks like a regular nylon belt more or less, and is adjustable. I have a dress belt that has a traditional buck but is elastic.

I love the click of the Cobra, though some people find it confusing to take off at first.

that lets you use your tool without taking off your belt

I just want to point out how adult I am being here by not turning this sentence into a dick joke.


I’m lucky, because the SOG HQ is just up the road from me here in Seattle, so I can drop in and try out products before committing to purchase. Also, they sell display models at deep discounts; I think I paid $60 for my Zoom drop blade, which is about half off MSRP. If you’re ever in the Lynnwood, WA area check it out.

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Thank you for the recommendation. I think I might just get one. Current belt it approaching end of life.

FYI, DX.com has some cheap ones if you don’t mind forever-shipping from Hong Kong.

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I’ve been surprised at how fast I sometimes get things from DHGate. As in 5 days from order to at my door. How is the quality of these compared to the Mission belts?

I haven’t sampled the Mission wares myself; my first one came from Showcase (a local retailer of “as-seen-on-TV” products). But I’d be surprised if everyone wasn’t sourcing from the same Chinese facility.

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Since we’re sort of talking about a utility belt… how about this?

But can I remove ear wax with it?

Secret decoder belt buckle is where it’s at.


Definitely has the tacticool aspect going for it.

I was also shopping for a new belt I while back and looked at the ratchet belts. I wasn’t generally impressed with the quality. I can’t find my sources now, but I got the feeling Slidebelt was a better quality one. They also had full grain leather options. Full grain is the most durable type of leather for a belt.


I’ve had both a Mission Belt and a SlideBelt. The leather quality on the SlideBelt is much higher and more durable than what Mission provides. In fact, I’d say this SlideBelt is the best belt I’ve ever owned.

In the end I went with a good quality traditional belt:

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Clearly I must do more research before making any purchase. Thank you for the additional brands and links.

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