A nerd’s 12 best and worst films from 2014

How can you even begin to get hung up on food procuction? If it were a spaceship that would be a problem. This is a train on an endless loop, requiring no external maintenance. I think it’s a blunt force suppression of disbelief.

It’s so absurd it makes such detail wrangling sort of moot. And by so doing SAVES the movie.

Transcendence was a weirdly boring misfire The nannites were a CGI cliche. And wasn’t there a computer virus that attacked him because apparently the smartest being in the universe was unable to rewrite the Unix kernel? And what the hell was up with the gratuitous exposition from Morgan Freedman? I like the guy, but I really hate when the script doctors decide “Hey, let’s add 20 minutes of Morgan Freedman blathering for no reason at all.”

Exactly. Why isn’t there a mill and lathe for replacement parts? Why isn’t there a whole years worth of snow every where on the track? Etc etc. But that isn’t the point of the movie. It’s more existential.


(you should maybe put a spoiler tag on that plot detail)

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When we aren’t arguing about guns, I like you.


Platonically. You know, like a bro. A well-maintained and well-regulated man.


Uh. So. You got any full-auto conversion kits?


The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover ?

If so, yes. I <3 me some Peter Greenaway. Sometimes boring, sometimes annoying, but always something else. Plus, in The Pillow Book you get to see Obi Wan Kenobi’s wang [NB: got to add that to the list].

In contrast with your previous posts here (and your blog), your posts in this thread seem like English is your second language. Are you typing on a smartphone while wearing mittens and riding a unicycle?


Yes, the whole thing’s an allegory; but they included the the food-production-for-the-masses scene, the sushi scene, the greenhouse scene, the meat locker scene, and the dinner with Ed Harris scene.

There was a hell of a lot of screen time given to totally implausible food production that they could have just basically ignored other than the black jello, or lampshaded with a 10-second montage of them passing through series of cars producing plausible amounts of food for the forward passengers.

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Sorry - good point - altered post to be less spoily.

I have more than one hobby.

When did you get hired by the ATF?

Guardians of the Galaxy can. Marvel’s adaptation of the quirky space-travelling superhero comic is a clusterbudget of a movie, with a freak show of a cast, ranging from Chris Pratt (of Parks and Recreation) and pro wrestler Dave Bautista to Vin Diesel, John C. Reilly, and Benicio del Toro

Zoe Saldana was part of the “freak show” of a cast. C’mon, let’s not forget Zoe.

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Because {spoiler}

Do you suppose you could leave some details out for those who have yet to see the movie?

Do you just want to say you disliked it? You did that. Is it your intent to wreck something for others, just because your taste is different? that’s what you’re on the verge of.


I know! it failed!



Pretty much agree with every word except for Guardians, which, though perhaps predictable, I found delightful from beginning to end.
And now I have to find and watch Under The Skin because I can not resist Scarlett no matter what garbage she is in.


I did like the movie. That aspect of it took me out of it and nearly killed it for me, though. The fact that the movie actually had something to say brought me back in. So I guess we mostly agree.

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Great Post you really captured the wierdness and wonderful filmwise 2014.
Maybe you did not gush over Intstellar enough!

Off topic, but I’ll reply. Given the reaction to my comment, I wondered the same thing. I think my vitriol was from Overton shift after visiting a defunct troll site yesterday which I usually limit to Fridays only. Also the only movie I watched this year in theater was LOTR, sigh. Which I had to see out of diligence for understanding the genre. I would probably watch the alien doppleganger Natural Instinct thing but it seems too scary.

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Lucy: not as good a Nikita…

I think it’s more that your posts on this thread, while fascinating, are chock-full of inscrutable phrases, like randomly referring to Janis Joplin as “refuse” while talking about computer graphics, explaining your dislike of the movies on this list as “Overton shift”, or mentioning a mysterious alien movie called “Natural Instinct”. It’s also a little weird that you’ve decided that all of these movies on the list “suck” even though you admit to not having seen many of them.

Watching the trailer for The Imitation Game, all I kept thinking was, "Why does every movie about genius lately seem to want everyone to be Doctor Gregory House? I fear a generation of people are growing up to think that being an asshole is synonymous with being intelligent. I do recommend A Madman Dreams of Turing Machines as a good fictionalized account of him as an alternative.


Dude… you mentioned the… P… p… p… p-word…