A new language of visual digital messaging evolves


Didn’t read the article. Animated ‘screens’ showing the progression of the chats was far too distracting. Is it really necessary to Animate the chat to show that things happen sequentially? Uggh.

Hehe. Back from Japan and barely survived (for reals-gods bless my Fukushima family RIP)
‘LINE’ ain’t the only one but it’s def. part of our evolution now. Beats cave painting for it’s immediacy, ne?

There’s a social app idea:
–A digital cave wall for your tribe that u can graffiti on or social message with images, but a big one the whole ‘tribe’ can use.

Testing friends from Taiwan make me feel like an old man when often they are older than me.

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I personally hate these stupid things. Unless it’s a series of found pictures, which makes it more spontaneous and unpredictable.

The only exception is a friend who used to sneak them into messages in a clever way… The only one that comes to mind is that he used to say "ari- :cake: " for arigato (ari-gateau).

Shadowrun always told us the future would be illiterate.

I’ll phrase my get-off-my-lawn like this:

This idea will be rubbish as long it remains impossible to instantaneously browse an infinite number of pictures.

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