A new rolling tray because I got tired of the old rolling tray

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I’m a big fan of the RAW Backflip with magnets, but it is a little overkill for most roll sessions.

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Is it a good tray? Is it… Tray Bien! :rofl:

That does look pretty sweet. I’m lazy and use the RAW cone filler machine.


The Cookies Harvest Club tray is much more utilitarian.


That tray’s no good for rolling. The pattern’s too busy - you won’t be able to pick out the pips on the dice.


I guess Jason will be bylining the weed ads now that Xeni is gone.

cheapster that I am, I use a paper plate to roll on. you can put a little crease in one side and then funnel any leftovers back into the container.
a personal aside: I am very much a fan of Raw products and I was one of two package designers that created the packaging for Raw grinders (the structure, not the graphics) the short round grinder package has extra large flaps and was our offering to the company that was accepted.


It’s a nice design, but the URL slapped artlessly on the edge would annoy me too much.

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My expectations for a rolling tray were completely different


Not gonna lie, I assumed dice tray when I saw the headline


I assumed the old one was affiliated with Robert Anton Wilson.

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