That handy joint rolling box

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Me neither. Other people can roll masterful joints and blunts, hit like a dream.

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I have one that isn’t a cheap knock off. it’s very particular about papers and many popular papers are about 1 mm too long and it’s a hassle to fold them or trim them.

I might resurrect my wife’s top-o-matic tube injector and see how that handles the ol’ herb.

I can roll well, but tend not to because Jesus Christ who can smoke a whole joint to the head these days? However, when I first started smoking and couldn’t do anything but watch ditch weed spill out the ends of a paper, these things were mind-bogglingly effective.

It takes me back, that’s all.


Thats true lol!
Joints are great for states where the hippie lettuce is still illegal, after smoking no more physical evidence.

The potency these days, yeah… roll them small and get some friends to help!

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I thought this was a Maker’s site, and you can’t roll a simple joint?

Have you tried practicing when you’re not high?

I can’t do it, so the solution is to buy something to do it for me rather than learn a skill.

All my life my dad’s been a rolling tobacco smoker and probably every case has died from a worn out belt.

Its because their European, and meant for cigarettes. And both European cigarettes, and papers meant to roll them are smaller. These weren’t ever meant for joints. So they don’t work well with joint sized papers, can be quirky with american standard sized papers. And the longer knock offs made to work with large papers don’t work well.

You really need to seek out Rizla papers or other european brands for them to fit quite right.

Used one of these for years to roll my own cigarettes. Much easier to get a filter in there than by hand. And much more portable than a tube stuffer. Most friends complained about the results when I used it to roll them a joint. Very fat, very short, and open at both ends. Exactly like an unfiltered cigarette.

The Rizla ones are meant to have their belt replaced every once and a while. The fabric stretches and it doesn’t roll as tight. But replacement belts are much harder to find than new cases. And the things are cheap to begin with.


Had a Rizla back in the day. The day when all the reefer came from South of the border.
Mmm, Oaxacan…
I may have inhaled.


An awesome thing about marijuana is you can smoke it if you are skilled at rolling joints, unskilled at rolling joints, an awesome person or a total asshole! The marijuana doesn’t care!


I just started seriously smoking weed in the last couple of years. I am 52. My joints look like a 6 year old tried to roll them. I just might invest in one of these.

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I used to sell dollar joints, 6 for $5, 13 for $10, way WAY back in the day. They weren’t amazing, exactly, but they DID each get 2 people reliably stoned for a buck. What else ya want, for the price of a soda, right ^^’ ? Anyhow, I once could roll 'em one-handed, even, and two-handed, I could roll rather uniform jays in 3-5 seconds or so, for an hour at a time or even more…

…But now, every damn one is a pregnant camel xD. Of course, I also had more fingers then; I can count to 9-1/3 like a champ!


My older brother I swear can roll one-handed like a cowboy on a horseback . I saw him do it once at a restaurant in Sausalito.
Only time I can remember we were in public and he was ”palming” the joint making. We had it going over Mt. Tamalpais.
Thanks jlw for jogging the memory.

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I smoke Bugler tobacco, and the pouches come with free papers. But they jam in the metal rolling machine. But work like a champ in my little plastic zig zag machine. It’s a shame because I originally got the metal one to also use as a cigarette case.

A what? :wink: yea, I don’t use those. The tube stuffer was handy because of the filter.

Yea, I know just what you mean. I pinch a bit off the end and twist it shut.

I don’t usually smoke joints but when I do . . .

I remember buglers not getting along. Don’t remember precisely why, as I never liked the stuff and didn’t smoke it often.

Jammed and garbaged up papers could come from a loose or worn belt. But the no name brand machines or oversized ones it’s about all that came out of the things.

There were only 2 name brand ones that were quality. Rizla. And then there’s a Turkish brand I can’t recall the name of. Started with a z, uses to buy their filters.

The papers that came with stokkebye tobacco were perfect, And that was my brand. Otherwise Rizla were the closest things to a widely available papers in the US that worked properly. But they’re not regularly available outside of tobacco shops in cities. Folded Bambus worked very well, but you ended up with far too much paper.

ETA: I remembered the other brand name that makes quality roll boxes.

Gizeh. Had crossed it up with my preferred brand of filters Zen.

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So how does the stuff now compare? What I hear from old heads is either “it ain’t shit” or “oh god how can these kids even finish a joint”

My dad (a rolling tobacco enthusiast) now uses Elements papers because the Stokkebye (his brand) papers are scant, and the Elements have a magnet in the flap to keep it closed

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BTW, back in the early 1960’s it seems like a person had to smoke a lot more after cleaning the stems and seeds. ( remember those? Also ”lid” ”baggy” and ”matchbox” amounts ) Pot was very dry. But a good Panama Red kilo was worth it @ $280.

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Ok. Here’s a great tip for those of you struggling when learning to roll. Remember when you first got a bicycle? It had stabilisers ( two extra wheels that kept you upright). Buy yourself a sushi rolling mat to roll with. You can pinch through the mat, roll, tuck, luck n seal, whilst the mat keeps it all together with only 1 thumb & 1 index finger (2 thumbs, 2 index fingers recommended). it’s suddenly easy peasey to roll yourself neat ciggies, spliffs, jays, blunts. You still learn all the required steps, the mat only stabilses your learning period. You’lll be able to ditch the mat after a wee while. Those machines are cool though. I had a genuine Victorian one before a cad knicked it.

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