Watch: How to roll a joint

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A cardboard tube isn’t a filter, it’s a mouth piece.

Other than that it wasn’t a terrible video. I might recommend those wishing to learn to buy a bag of rolling tobacco to practice with as it’s usually a little easier to work with.


There was a great one by Pierre Burton, but it was great because … well - Pierre Burton.


The pretty-straight Portland newspaper, The Oregonian, ran a comprehensive-looking* guide to growing weed in last week’s Home & Garden section.

I look forward to the Wednesday food section’s two-page spread on brownie recipes. Not sure where The Oregonian would fit in a joint-rolling feature . . .

*I don’t grow or partake so I can’t vouch for it.


I miss joints… >sniff<


Okaaay, real quick, just gonna leave the dyed surface of this printed paper you’re gonna be inhaling hot smoke past.

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We used to call that The Roach and the stuff used to make it Roachboard. Normally a piece of the fold over flap off the packet of cigarette papers.

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…or … the flap of the Rizla packet, then the back of the packet, then the front of the packet then the cardboard insert … until you had just a bunch of Rizla papers left.


Here in WA, I bought a pre-rolled joint (with bonafide filter) for $10 – read on before you decide that’s too much. I used to smoke pot a little, back in the day when a lid (1 oz in a baggie/zip-loc) of leaf cost $10, back when bud cost quite a bit more. So that dates me a little. A friend had recently given me some bud she had grown, and I enjoyed smoking it.

Anyway, I had this store-bought joint. I had told the clerk that I was old school, and I didn’t want to get wasted. He assured me that this was the product for me. I don’t remember the stats, but it was at least 20% THC, maybe even 23%. Not that I paid much attention at the time.

I went to favorite place, isolated and with a beautiful view, sitting on the end of a hunk of columnar basalt overlooking a canyon. I made sure I had plenty of water. I was alone, so I took 3-4 hits, less than 1/5 of the joint. As if I was smoking with three or four other people, I reasoned.

As I sat there looking out at the desert for the next 20 minutes or so, the light seemed to turn sepia, then bright white. Then I vomited, twice, without nausea, on the ground between my feet. I lay back and closed my eyes and rode it out for about an hour before I could pull myself together.

This was not what I had had in mind. I’m going back to home-grown weed, man.


All sort of OK. Didn’t name the roach, But then didn’t do the rolling the paper with weed inside between thumb and forefingers. Essential to get compact burn, Booo!

Slim on details, skips the application of the cardboard which is clearly present in the finished product, but the point is if this man can choose to roll a joint without shame anyone can.


That was the bit I couldn’t work out how to explain, the rolling with thumb and forefinger. I give her 3 out of 10 for technique.

Canada just got 3 times more awesome to me cause of that.

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…and that’s why I gave up smoking pot. I wasn’t enjoying it, as it was like being hit in the face with a cricket bat.

Then the cardboard insert in front of the cigarettes on the inside of the B&H packet, then bit by bit the lid of the packet. Also the cardboard inserts from Cassette tapes. You could probably write a whole thesis about roach material through the ages. I remember when pals started getting jobs where they had business cards and they’d hand you one and say “Here. Have some Roach”

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maybe not better, but more star power at least. this was the centerfold from High Times. I used to have this, but it’s not in my zine file anymore, somehow.

How to roll if you like the taste of paper. What a pinner!

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Rolling tobacco is also a lot cheaper anywhere I’ve ever been.

Yeah, I can’t really smoke joints anymore - if there’s enough to make an at-all functional joint, I can’t be functional after smoking it. A little pinch of bud in a pipe, enough for one or two puffs, is plenty.

I generally make weed tincture - put the bud in a bit of 95% grain alcohol, put the sealed jar of weed and alcohol in a slow cooker of water on low overnight (you could probably come up with some other double boiler type arrangement), then filter the alcohol out through a coffee filter. I do couple of soaks and filtrations to extract as much THC out of the weed as I can. At that point, a couple millilitres of the tincture in a beer gives a nice buzz, and the left-over weed is weak enough that it can be sensibly smoked.

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Shouldn’t the advice be just don’t roll joints? Use a vaporisor or edible/tincture ideally.

At the very least if you have to smoke it use a bong, pipe or pure joint that doesn’t use tobacco in it? It seems pretty foolish to recommend anyone starting to smoke weed also start using unflitered tobacco considering how addictive nicotine is.