Watch: How to roll a joint

I’m really sorry but that was terrible joint rolling. I demand better… now pass the duchy

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I learned nothing from watching that video that I didn’t already know by age 15. I was hoping there had been progress in the intervening 30 years.

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Shame on me, but I’m gonna straight up jump in here with a declaration that my maiden joint rolling effort (c.a. 1976, aged 15) was superior to this.

I also acknowledge that this was in the $10 /bag days and the notion that several people might get totally f@@cked up on one joint was decades in the future.

Funny how all the comments are “I roll so much better…”. As a Washingtonian who can now buy weed legally, I found this video pretty helpful actually.

Remember kids, the video is not aimed at the experienced roller. :slight_smile: there are probably hundreds of different ways to imbibe and you can argue the pros and cons all day, but everyone has to start somewhere.

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As someone who currently partakes, that’s what the cardboard mouthpiece is still called, at least with the other stoners I know here in oregon.

I was just talking about four finger lids with someone much, much younger the other day. They looked at me like I was insane…felt quite old.

When I was in HS, the “heads” were absolutely certain that not only was legalization around the corner, but that the big tobacco companies had warehouses full of slick packaging for commercial mary jane cigarettes ready to go. Stoner urban myths.

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