Playing cards for marijuana enthusiasts


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You know, I’ve never rolled a joint in my life. Should I? (And should it be a Camberwell Carrot?)


You’ll need 12 rolling papers.


I tried once during college. I ended up using two papers and it was the size of a cigarillo. I’ve never had what you’d call good finger dexterity.:pensive:

But we were loaded the entire day!:sunglasses:


Some day man, some day. And probably in golden gate park.


In SF its easy enough to get a pre-rolled joint from a dispensary.


Same here, which is why I’m a huge fan of the pre-rolled cone. Mind you, like papers I’ve never understood the flavoured ones.


If I’m gonna have a camberwell Carrot, damnit I’ll roll it myself :smiley:

(Damn, now I wanna go make a carrot!)


I got a contact high just from looking at them.


Note to marketing department: Stoners will buy any damn thing if you put a leaf on it.


Just learning this now? Maybe your marketing department should’ve visited a college campus some time :smiley:


Also, snack food.

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