Pre-rolled cones come with a loader and a stick to 'fill your own'

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I have one of these, you will love it. I know its a bit braggadocios to say but I can roll a doob that comes out looking like a marlboro light, but I still love these. So easy, perfect results and a filter to boot!

I have had bad experiences with RAW. They tend to run. They are used for most pre-rolls in Oregon.

Or you could take lessons from famous Canadians who make it a point of national pride…

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I’ve never been very good at hand rolling so I use the following device. Still requires some process which I enjoy.

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I’ve always been terrible at rolling, so I just use a pipe.

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I, for one, was wondering just why you’d need a loader for an ice cream cone…


…because you’re stoned.


In my early days of smoking, I remember being thrilled by someone who could roll a J one-handed.

Hmm… $15 & change isn’t a bad price.

I once dated a guy who could roll a joint while driving, and he managed both tasks quite well.


I, myself, am heavy handed and not so adept.


What’s the filter for?

I thought we were supposed to use the twisty glass blunt?

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