A pair of frisky great Danes play so hard inside a house, they actually dent a wall (video)

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And this is why I didn’t let my 89 year old mom get a Great Dane when we went looking for our most recent dog. She still complains that I was mean. It’s been three years.


My wife won’t let me get one but mostly it’s because they have such short life spans, which, fair. When we got married we got a pair of dogs and losing them was very hard. We have a 2nd pair now which are more like grand-babies than kids and when they die it’s going to hit hard. If our oldest was a great dane she’d already be past her life expectancy but for a lab she’s just middle aged.

Our vet told us that dogs have very high pain tolerance which leads to them hurting themselves. She said this in the context of explaining why our dogs sometimes chew sticks so hard that it injures their gums/mouth. They also will both routinely step on thorns and not “say” anything, just slow down and adjust to their new lives of pain at every step


Our dog got “the zoomies” in the house, and utilizing her momentum from using our living room like one of those motorcycle stunt spheres you’d see at the circus, managed to ride the couch she leapt onto into the wall - creating a 2’x2’ hole in said wall.

I was much more amazed than angry!


Bricks, people. Walls made of bricks! :wink:


We had to re-sheetrock a cellar stairwell because our dane was a little … exuberant … when barreling down the stairs. Never really figured out if he did it with his head or his butt, but after the second time he did it we said “let’s just wait until we sell the house to fix it”.


Something I’ve never forgotten is that a friend of ours had a great dane and sometimes he needed to be confined to a room, like if they had guests over, or were cleaning or something and he’d get in the way.

So they’d shoo him into a room and lay a broom across the door leaning against the door jamb. He could not figure out a way to defeat such a stout mechanism so he’d just patiently wait.

Great danes do this “lean” thing which is so endearing. They come over next to you and as you pet them they lean into you. It’s so sweet. Some other large dogs do this a little, like one of our labs does, but not like a great dane. You’ll need to brace yourself.


I’m sure one would lean on my mom and she would end up with a broken hip.

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